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Last Updated 3/20/2017

In 2012, I began to create my own content site in Christian Dance. I really didn’t know what I was doing. I knew I wanted to share my knowledge with those that were in the same niche and possibly make a passive income. I just wasn’t sure about how to accomplish this task.

As I began making a little income from my writings with ads and an eBook, I felt ready to take on a much wider audience. I knew I could use my writing talent to make money. I started freelancing with Elance (now Upwork) and outsourced my writing services with Fiverr. I found no fulfillment because I was not writing on topics of my interest.

I wrote tons of articles on Hubpages on topics I loved; not really understanding the concept writing on one specific topic . Many within the Hubpages community warned me not to allow anyone to steal my content and fight if it happens. They also warned me not to promote my writings because Google frowned upon over promotion, penalizing your rankings in the search engines. Listening to this advice as a newbie frightened Make passive income online blogging. From the Desk of Katina Davenportme, and I never did any kind of promotion. I discovered their advice to be erroneous. I actually needed to tell someone. I needed to tell a lot of people about my writings in order to make the passive income that I hoped for.

In 2013, I began searching how to make passive income. I only had one idea. Write. I read books on blogging and website creation. I thought outside the box in terms of what to do next. I looked for coaches. I did the ground on my own. I knew that I needed to do something to bring in income.

I finally found a great resource where I could actually see and take actionable steps to passive income online. Montina Portis helped me with the motivation needed to drive traffic with YouTube.

My first niche site saw an increase in traffic just from the videos I uploaded, and it wasn’t many. Montina had just begun writing eBooks on where to find passive income streams. I found the book to be interesting as 80% of the suggestions from the book were foreign to me. 

I had no idea you could make passive income online with no money. 


What Have I Learned About Making a Passive Income Online

One of the things I have learned is patience. It takes time to learn new skills such as marketing or promoting a blog. It takes time to learn how to package products together beautifully in order to offer them for free to get people to signup for your email list. 

It takes time to build quality traffic, especially when you are on a budget and can only use free methods. 

You have to learn as you go. That means investing in some courses to help you along the way and implementing the steps while you are in the midst or learning. There is a huge learning curve to making money online as a blogger. 


The main thing to consider when creating a passive income online is the reason you are making this choice. If the reason is to only take care your family you will not go beyond what is needed to make a substantial living. It will actually feel like a job. You should always love what you do. 


Read about my journey with making a passive income online.

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Getting Started with Making a Passive Income From Home, My Journey
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  • March 25, 2016 at 1:49 pm

    Yes this is so true. If you are not passionate about what you are talking about then after a while it becomes a chore. I am also on a mission to find passive income because I intend to make big bucks in my pyjamas


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