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I thought my life was over when I was laid off from my job in the earlier part of 2011. That happened right after I found out I was pregnant with my son. It was devastating news to my husband since I was earning a huge bulk of our household income.

For years, I researched how to make money from home because I didn’t want to go back to work once my son was born. Although I lost money in the process of staying off work, I experienced a certain peace of mind that I did not get from commuting to work every morning. In fact, I was more stressed and tired trying to juggle working outside of the home then coming home to cook, clean, and do laundry.

Throughout this process, I certainly learned a lot about myself while creating an income from home. Recently, I began to search within myself to find my story, passion, and talents to create a business. I hope to teach other moms to do the same. Many of whom I know are searching for legitimate ways generate income at home while homeschooling. I learned that I am a natural entrepreneur. I believe all moms have the potential to become great entrepreneurs (or at least make extra cash if they are still working outside the home.) I had to learn how to find the strength within myself to continue with my daily tasks even when no one was clicking my ads (on my old blog) or if no one bought my eBook.

 As an entrepreneur mom: you can be left to wonder about the quickest ways to make money at home unless you are being funded by another income source such as a spouse.

You may have heard that you should work on one business at a time. I agree with this advice. However I believe that if you are in need of making money while waiting for your blog to generate income then you can choose another source of income that you create on your own. Note: I mentioned blogging here as an example because many moms are using blogging as their business or are using blogging in the way that I am–to create a presence online while waiting to launch programs and services.

Throughout the process of building momentum in your business, you will encounter family frustrations or children suddenly getting ill. It can delay your progress making it difficult to get back on track. Am I the only mom that has experienced this?

If you ever thought to yourself how can I earn money quickly while I am waiting for my business to profit? I have come up with 3 different options that you can consider. These are options that I am either currently working on or have done in the past.


1. Fiverr

I have used this site to outsource small projects that I was not able to complete on my own. I have hired people to help me with t-shirt design, blog customization, and YouTube intro videos. But, you can sign up to begin selling your services or digital products on this site to help you earn money quickly.

Fiverr has definitely changed over the last few years. You can now offer add-on services as soon as you become a seller in order to start charging more for your services. Previously, a seller had to be at a certain level status in order to have the opportunity to add the add-on services.

Note: there is some promotion involved. Although there is a lot of traffic coming to Fiverr, you always want to make sure that you are promoting your services or gigs (as they are called on the site). You can go with the usual ways of promoting your services such as social media and on your blog if applicable. Think of several gigs that you can start working on right. It should be something in your expertise.

2. Freelance

One of the other ways you can quickly make money while you are waiting to generate income from your blog is to start freelancing on a site called Upwork (formerly known as Elance). I must admit that I haven’t worked on this site in about 3 years after my first job. I allowed a negative situation with a client to keep me from working on Upwork. However, I believe this is a great site for finding small jobs that will give you some money faster than waiting on your blog to start turning a profit.

3. E-books

Writing informational e-books in conjunction with working on your blog can bring you more awareness to you site helping you to monetize your blog immediately. For instance, if you are an expert at knitting and have created a blog on this subject you can sell ebooks on how to sell your knitting projects at craft fairs. If you plan on using Amazon to publish your e-book you can include links back to your blog or products if you are selling your projects. Don’t just publish one e-book, publish several until you reached your desired income.



3 Ways to Make Money Quickly While you Wait for Your Blog to Generate Income
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