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Do you want to work from home, but don’t know where to start? Are you tired of not making enough money from doing paid surveys, MLM companies, small internet tasks, or Freelancing? I believe if you take the time to read this post and answer the questions, you can come up with a business that you will absolutely love.

I searched for legitimate work at home opportunities after I was let go from my job in 2011. I joined direct selling companies, freelancing, and small Internet tasks. I also started blogging about Christian dance, but had to discontinue my work after becoming ill and having another baby. I was running weekly live streaming seminars and dance tutorials. It was difficult to keep going. I spent roughly 2 years building that site. I even made some money running Google ads, affiliate marketing, and writing an eBook. Once I realized I could not return to dance I had to look within myself to discover how I can contribute to my family’s income. We had grown into a family of 5 in 5 years.

I always had the heart to help mothers and I loved blogging. My most pressing concern was how to find legitimate Woman working at home on her from home. I knew that I had to create the income I needed, and I wanted to help other moms with this same need. Here I am today, ready and willing to help other moms discover the businesses within themselves using their stories, passions, and talents.

In this blog post, you will learn the process I used to figure out what business I could start from home that would allow me to stay creative and service my community. During my process I considered many aspects of my life, asking myself simple questions and responding to them in my journal. I filled up half of a notebook coming up with ideas and narrowing down my niche. I have broken my questions down in 3 sections with the questions I asked and answered to make it easier to follow. The sections are titled Hypothesize, Conceptualize, and Visualize.

This post will be especially useful to you if:

  • You are a stay at home mom or dad and need extra income.
  • You want to make a substantial income from home without network marketing.
  • You are looking to focus your time and energy on a business that you absolutely love.
  • Want to start blogging as a business.



In this section, I asked myself a series of questions that resulted in a lengthy amount of notes. This was the starting point of the process where I wasn’t quite sure if anything I noted would work. That is why I called it hypothesize.


I wrote down every life event that significantly shaped the woman that I am today. I reviewed all of the triumphs and failures. I took note of the moments that hurt me and the inner vows I made as I result. I also thought about the dreams I had growing up.

Note: If you are following along think about your experiences. Your story will be significant as you inspire others to follow you on social media or when you are giving your testimonial of how you were successful. It is also the foundation of why you starting your business and can help formulate your belief system.

Home business idea to work at homeWHAT IS MY STANCE?

What experience in your story caused you to make a stance and say, I want to change this or that? There were moments in my story that caused me to want to work from home. The birth of my first child prompted me to begin searching out ways to do so because I didn’t want to leave my beautiful daughter with just anyone. I experienced verbal and sexual abuse in daycare as a child. I did not want that to happen my baby or any of my children. My problem was how can I make a living at home. The solution find a viable business to make a substantial income.

This was just part of my story, but as you can see I was beginning to formulate a problem that needed a solution for me. However, I knew this was a concern for many parents–wanting to have a home business while raising their children.


Once I had my story and stance I started to come up with a strategy. My strategy was to create a business that I love, helping other mothers. I wanted this business to grow beyond my home. I wanted to teach other mothers how to be resourceful and find their own business. My strategy was to build a blog. I didn’t know if it could work or how my business could grow just from blogging and social media. This where I had to brainstorm ideas on how to make money helping other mothers to find their businesses.


Let’s recap. I now have my story, a problem, and a possible way to solve it. Now I will need to know about the person that wants what I have to offer. It is the fundamental principle that every entrepreneur or blogger needs. It’s the ideal customer or client you are trying to service. So I started with a basic ideal demographic such as gender, race, age, marital status, and interests. I also had to know where my demographic enjoyed socializing on social media.


In this section, conceptualize, I had to come up with a more specific idea of what I wanted to do. I analyzed my passions, talents, and useful business ideas that could bring in income. This is why I call this section conceptualize.


When I answered this question there were exactly 3 things that I was quite passionate about. It was easy for me to note these passions because of it something that I talk about every day–dance, writing, and finding ways to make money from home. If there is an activity or idea that you can not stop thinking about, then it’s your passion. Your passion is what fuels you to keep your business going.


When I came to this question, I had a very long list of things that I can do well. But I believe my true talent was something that I am known for in my circle of friends and family. For example, I am often asked by an uncle about books that I plan on writing. That’s because I wrote a book under a different name and an eBook in a different niche. I thought about all of the corporate skills I learned while working. I also thought seriously about how my skills in writing can benefit me financially.

When looking at your skills and talents, be sure to think about those things that you do well and could be made into Create a home business idea. Write down all of your skills and talents. See where you can start.a profitable product. Here are some examples:

  • Knitting
  • Writing
  • Web Development
  • Teaching
  • Speaking
  • Coaching
  • Marketing
  • Social (getting engagement on social media. For some it is a natural skill).
  • Data Entry
  • Crafting
  • Sewing


When I answered this questions I wrote down 10 ideas for bringing in money with a new blog based on what on my experience with my first blog. I really wanted to create courses for mothers that would help them discover the business within themselves. I thought about affiliates and partnering with brands for my blog.

I suggest coming up with several ideas that will make you money in the long run or in a shorter amount of time.

Once I put everything together using my story, passion, talents, and brainstorming ideas I was able to come up with a business that I can work from home.


Visualizing my success is one of my favorite parts of the process. I used a vision board to represent the goals that I made for my business and for my personal life as a result of being successful. I came up with actionable and measurable goals that included every area of my life and business. Here are some ideas for images that you can include on your vision board

  • Marketing strategy goals
  • The amount of money I want to make from my business
  • Items I want to purchase for my family i.e. house, car, vacations
  • Health goals
  • Personal financial goals.



You can find the right business idea in the skills and talents you already have. Here's a post to help you discover a business you can do from home.

How to Turn Your Story, Passions, and Talents into a Home Business Idea

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  • February 25, 2016 at 6:06 pm

    Great post!! I always have so many ideas but can never focus enough to go all the way. Really great tips!

    • February 26, 2016 at 10:30 am

      Thanks for reading. If you need help with a plan schedule a free session with me. I take moms (or whoever) through the process listed in this blog post. If you had someone to help you maybe you can really get started. You can sign up under work with me. 🙂


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