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With blogging, you need to have an abundance of ideas. Here's how to never run out of ideas.

Have you ever had a great idea, but it turned out less than great? Have you ever had a ridiculous idea, but it turned out to be one of the best after all?

I have a talent for coming up with ideas. I can literally brainstorm and come up with hundreds of ideas. Well, maybe not hundreds, but you get what I am saying. I also have a talent for taking those ideas and turning them into something bigger than expected such as a business. This is due to my habitual journaling.

I have kept a journal ever since I was 13 years old. I threw most of them away because I didn’t want to remember some of the negative, hurtful feelings I encountered during that time. The reason why I am telling you about journaling is because it has given me a creative outlet. I believe this is why I can come up with so many ideas quickly. Journaling is still a part of my life. I now keep a business journal that documents experiences I want to remember while on my business journey.

One of the more profound things I discovered while reading books on starting a business is what I like to call “10 ideas.” The principle behind this exercise is to come up with 10 ideas every day that are relative to my business such as blog posts.

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I first heard of this concept while watching a YouTube video (I can’t remember which one).  It sounded silly to me the first time I heard it so I dismissed it altogether. This advice seemed to be popping up everywhere so I finally just gave in. I am now writing down 10 ideas every day (or most days) on things such as blog posts, eBooks, social media strategy, video content or workshop ideas. My results have been amazing. Those 10 ideas turned into useful content that I can create.

How I Helped a Fellow Blogger Come up with Content IDEAS

This small, 10 minute exercise, can be a breakthrough for your business. Here’s why: I believe that each and every one of us has the ability to create content that can connect with our ideal reader or client. But many people are stuck. They are stuck not knowing what write or vlog about. They are out fresh content.

I recently spoke to a college student and fellow blogger. She expressed how she had difficulty finding ideas for her lifestyle blog. I was happy to answer the question that she posted in a blogging Facebook group. I was able to show her 5 topics that she can work on just from looking at the content on her blog and asking her a few questions. Two of the topics I came up with can be done in a series.

I took her experience as a college student and related it to my own experience in college. I figured, if I had the same questions in college then there are other students with the same needs. Beforehand, she didn’t have an ideal reader and wanted to write for everyone. Just a simple suggestion of using her own college experience was the answer. Now, she can take those ideas and build upon it. Again, using the same principle of 10 ideas I came up with 5 pieces of content for her in less than 5 minutes. I also told her to come up with 10 ideas every day based on who she wanted to target.

What Can 10 Ideas A Day Help You Create

Using this practice can help you create:

  • Blog Posts
  • eBooks
  • Courses
  • Webinars
  • Free offers
  • YouTube Videos
  • Periscope or Blab Broadcasts
  • Social Media Content
  • Visual Content for Social Media
  • Creative Marketing Campaigns

Note: before starting all of this you must already know your ideal reader or client. You should already know their pressing issue and how you can solve it. Having this in place will allow you to have focused ideas as a content creator.

It’s important to make sure that you use the ideas that are truly useful. A good way to test them against the marketplace is to choose one of your good ideas and type it in Google. Using what you know about your ideal client or reader find those ideas that could solve their problem and see if anyone has already blogged about it.

Here’s my very own example:

How to have a business in challenging times

As I searched for this topic I received over 36 million results. As I looked on the first two pages I noticed very few related articles coming up. So, I did another search changing the word “in” to the word “during.” Automatically, Google gave me “how to run a business during recession.” I changed the search term to past year, that way I can view more recent data. Right away I noticed many more relative articles coming up in the search results. If this was a problem for my ideal client or reader then I could find ways to answer them from my own experience and advice from the most important articles returned in the research results.

The whole premise is to have as many good ideas as possible. When creating content for your blog or marketing campaigns you will need as many ideas to work with.

Other ways to come up with 10 IDEAS


Habitual Reading

Reading books in your niche is a great tool for coming up with ideas. I have found inspiration while reading books that have been a great help to me. It sparked ideas for blog posts that were in my own voice and relative to my audience. I took what I learned from a passage or a chapter and applied it to my business. I then expanded what I learned to make it relative to my readers.


Listening to Periscope Broadcasts

I know a lot of social media experts have been talking about Periscope lately. It really is a great tool to find inspiration, especially when listening to a broadcast relative to your niche. I only follow individuals that are giving actionable business tips that I can apply immediately. You can use other Periscope broadcasts to find ideas for your own Periscopes or for your own blog posts. Pay attention to the questions that come up in the comment boxes during the broadcasts for content ideas. Answer them on your own platforms–blogs, social media, or YouTube.



I have really been getting into Reddit lately. Truthfully, I gave up on it a few years ago because I didn’t know how to use it effectively. Now that I understand how it works, I am able to find ideas for topics. Once you find your niche keyword on the site you can subscribe to a subreddit,which is really a specific forum on a topic of interest. Find a subreddit with plenty of engagement and ongoing conversations. You will find people asking questions. You will also find others answering the questions. You can take those questions and answers and turn them into your very own ideas for content. If there are questions being answered in the forums you can be assured there are people who are looking for answers to those questions.

Trust me this is a very good exercise you to do daily. Have your word document or notebook handy because once the ideas flow, it seems like it will never stop.

Have you taken the initiative to come up with 10 ideas everyday? If so, let me know how well you are doing with creating 10 ideas a day (or most days) in the comments, or if you need help creating ideas. 

How to Never Run out of Ideas for Anything


How to Never Run Out of Ideas for Anything
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