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Are you a new blogger dreaming of 6 figure income and fancy lifestyle just from blogging? Don’t worry I am not promising you that. I know people have claimed it is possible, I believe it to be true, but not many bloggers get there. Some may make more or less. It all depends upon effort and their niche.

Here’s what I believe to be true: many stay at home moms and dads started out wanting to earn money blogging only to wait for the magical day when their viewership hit 100,000 views per month before they would monetize. Well, what if that magical day never came or it took too long to happen? You still need money and you still need to make money blogging regardless of your viewership. So, let’s plan to get this blog monetization thing to work for you, even if you don’t have your own product just yet. At the end of this post, I will show you how you can learn the proper techniques on how to make money blogging selling profitable affiliate products.  

Affiliate marketing course. Make money with your blog.

Have an Idea for a Blog? Do it.

The first thing you must do to make money by blogging is to set up a blog. That seems to be a no-brainer. My friends come to me all the time asking how to start a blog. I tell how to do it, even show them how with YouTube videos, but they never follow the process. If you are serious about this you should blog with a self-hosted platform such as WordPress. I have Hostgator as my host. Their packages start $10 monthly. There are other initial fees in the beginning such as domain name, first-month hosting fees, but that is the first package. I think this a great deal when you are starting out, I would suggest you upgrade as your blog and income grows.

Once you have an idea of what you want to write about it is time to do some research. You must narrow down your niche and find your ideal customer or reader and find out their needs.

Next, your blog needs to solve a problem or at least have some posts that people can come to that helps them learn something. How do you know what problems need to be solved? That will be up to your audience. You can find out by researching your ideal reader on Facebook. 

Research on Facebook Groups

I belong to a couple of groups. One of the groups fits my ideal reader or customer very well. It is a stay at home mommy group. I spend time in the group looking at the questions they posted within the group.

I also check to see what pages they are liking. Many of them are related to parenting or finding ways to make money. I look within the page noting any specific questions or comments mentioned on the page. This gives me an idea of what my audience is looking for.

Do Research on Quora

Another method is to join Quora and search questions relative to your topic.

I like to note the questions and the answers that people are providing. You will find some interesting ways of looking at your audience and niche to customize your posts and find affiliate products that will help them.

When you clearly understand your audience you will be able to serve them better with tons of valuable information. Once you have this information in place you can now begin to write your blog posts that answered those problems.

What You Need to Remember About Affiliate Marketing

There are two important things to remember about your blog posts for affiliate marketing: keyword research and promotion. Finding the right keywords for your blog posts will assist post with being found over time, promoting your post will help it be discovered immediately.

Here are resources for you to start doing keyword research and collecting the best keywords for your blog posts:

Note: you should remember that promoting your posts always changes over the years. I can list a lot of the latest and greatest tools that are currently on the market, but there are some methods that still remain the same–social media. Master whatever social media platform is best for your business and you will succeed in gaining traffic.

Affiliate Marketing and Traffic

Promoting Your Blog Posts

The best way to promote your blog post is through social media. You have to do it frequently and consistently, being careful to post other, relevant content from other sites as well. These posts should substantiate your content, providing another resource. So, don’t just promote your stuff, find other content to post as well. The major social media sites to promote your work is:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Stumble Upon
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Slideshare

However, for quicker traffic to your posts, you can use the assistance of paid advertising. Pinterest promoted pins are very affordable if you want to go in that direction.

Twitter advertising is also becoming an untapped avenue for paid advertising on social media. 

Here’s one thing that should be noted about paying for promoting your blog posts: businesses of all kinds are always looking for ways to be visible. The best way to do this is to use advertising.

Think about all of the companies and brands that pay millions of dollars for their ads to be seen during the Superbowl. The ads are entertaining and funny while advertising their product and services. Therefore you should make your blog, especially the blog post that recommend your own products or affiliate products more visible. 

If you are using free promotion, don’t just share it once. Find new ways to share it on social media platforms. For example, Twitter has been one of the best sources for traffic to my blog because I consistently tweet out all my new blog posts as well as my older content. I never stop promoting. I change the hashtags, the picture (sometimes), and the title of my tweet.

You will discover the social media platforms where your audience likes to socialize the most. That is where you can focus the majority of your promotional efforts.

Crafting the Perfect Blog Post to Recommend Your Affiliate Products

So….how should you create the perfect blog post to recommend an affiliate product?

  • First and foremost, your post should look and sound as natural as possible. Your content should not look like you are getting ready to sell something.
  • When creating your content, the first thing you want to do is to make sure your headline appeals to the emotions of the reader. This doesn’t mean manipulate them with a promise of fame and fortune. It simply means that you must understand their critical issue and give a short solution in the title. For example the title of this blog post Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money on Your Blog Selling Other People’s Products. I answered the age-old question of how to make money with your blog with the solution. People are expecting some sort of immediate resolution to their question. To see if your title appeal to your reader’s emotions run through the Headline Analyzer. 
  • Also, the purpose of my blog is to teach moms how to make money blogging and creating sustainable home businesses from their ideas. Since many moms see blogging as their answer they will want to know how to make money with their blog. And since many moms do not have a product to sell yet, therefore affiliate marketing answers the immediate need for monetizing a blog. See how this works?
  • The next thing is to answer every question that might arise in reference to your topic. Your post should be a resource that people will want to come to over and over again.
  • The end of your post will have a call to action that encourages your reader to either buy from you or subscribe to your email list. A subscription to your email list should come with a free offer that further helps your reader with their problem. You may also want to consider asking your readers to sign up for your email list in exchange for a coupon to your affiliate product. There are some partners that give discounts throughout the year. Your readers could be the first to hear about the discounts, especially if the product has a higher cost than most affiliate products. 

I just presented to you a brief overview of monetizing your site through profitable affiliate programs. You can learn how to consistently make money with your blog through a course I took Affiliate Marketing a Beginner’s Guide to Earning Online. This course has become a tool for assisting me with the latest, creative ways to market affiliate products. In this course, you learn 

  • How to find profitable affiliate programs
  • Programs that pay for free (leads)
  • Free traffic and research strategies
  • Social media and YouTube tips for strategies
  • Specific affiliate programs and how they work
  • What you need in a high converting page

That’s not even the half of it. 


Affiliate marketing for beginners. Here is how you can make money with affiliate marketing by selling other people's products. Affiliate marketing is how bloggers can start to make money with their blog. Read more.
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Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money Blogging Selling Other People’s Products

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