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In an earlier post I talked about the reasons I would unsubscribe to an email list. I also talked about what makes me stay subscribed. Well, that post sparked a real discussion as many began to discuss their disdain for particular types of emails. Their responses can make newbie Bloggers feel as if having an email list is undesirable or too complicated to handle.

As we know, bloggers and online marketers should be building their email subscribers. It is just what anyone should do if they are looking to profit from all of their online ventures.

In this post I am going to share with you what emails you should be sending to your subscribers according to the emails that I like to receive. 

1. First Email, Thank you and Link to Download

When someone subscribes to your email list your first email should be a thank you and a link to download whatever free offer you promised when they signed up. This email does not have to long. I actually send a couple of sentences and iMom at home checking email. nstructions on how to contact me if there are any questions about the email.

2. Autoresponder Series

In my latest offer I send an autoresponder series of about 5 emails. The first is the initial email as stated above–thank you and a link to download. Also, I send a new email for the next 3 days as a mini course. The last email I send is an invitation to purchase a product that I have created. If you do not have this in place already it is time to start thinking about what your audience might want in a free offer. This will be different for every business. So be sure to understand their exact need.

3. Training Videos

If you are expanding your reach online and have valuable training videos that your audience might be interested in you should email your subscribers. They don’t know everything that you have going on and it will potentially bring traffic to the video link (if you’re sending out a YouTube video).

4. Invitation to Work With You or Purchase Your Product

We all know the real reason we want to have an email list. It is the perfect opportunity to show your products and services to those that have personally signed up to be connected with you. If you have an information product to sell you should create a list with a free offer leading up to the offer to sell.

You can also email an invitation to work with you in a coaching program.

I like to offer a discount to my information products for those that signed up to be on my list as a thank you and to generate more sales. You can do this in whatever way you choose but you must be willing to sell what you have to offer.

You never have to be sleazy or salesy.  Just continue to offer content related to the product you are selling and continue to send out the link to your product.

5. Free Online Workshop

I love to see this popup in my email because I enjoy learning new things that can benefit my blog. Having an online workshop where you teach specific actionable steps related to the product you want to sell actually helps you to get more sells. Even if very few show up to your live event, having a replay available for a limited time with the link to buy the product at a certain date can increase your selling potential.

Note: you might want to increase your live attendees by advertising for more subscribers.


6. Discounts

If you are running any bonuses or sells for a particular product you should email your subscribers and let them know. I like a deal and will usually buy something when I feel like I am getting a good deal. After all, I have 3 children and they grow like weeds so when my favorite children’s clothing store is having a sale I’m all over it. Do the same thing for your subscribers.

7. Exclusive Content

I certainly enjoy when a Blogger or marketer only offers specific content to their subscribers. For example, I subscribe to a branding coach who only offers her stock photos to her subscribers. I look forward to this every month. I feel as if I am getting a personal service. I also feel that the photos are exclusive to me because I’m in the “club.” You can do this with written content such as providing training emails for your subscribers every month. Or you can offer password protected articles to your subscribers (if you are on WordPress).

8. Interviews with an Entrepreneur that I Want to Learn From

I receive emails from another well established Blogger who happens to have very informative podcasts. He often emails me with the link and I listen. I am always happy when I listen because I am learning from them. If you are doing interviews with other Bloggers or entrepreneurs that are offering a wealth of information that your audience needs then send it to them. I look forward to these emails and save them for later when I can’t listen right away. I usually end up binge listening to these podcasts.

These are the emails that I look forward to receiving. What emails do you like receiving? 

Email marketing ideas that you should send to your subscribers. Read about the kind of emails I like and would send.


Email Marketing Ideas: 8 Emails I Actually Want to See in My Inbox
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3 thoughts on “Email Marketing Ideas: 8 Emails I Actually Want to See in My Inbox

  • March 21, 2016 at 3:15 pm

    This is a good list! I like receiving information, videos or invitations to free webinars!

  • March 21, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    These are really great ideas Katina! I really need to set up automated email courses. Right now I’m doing them all manually! Have you had great success with offering your product to your email list?

    • March 21, 2016 at 2:39 pm

      I did with my first product in another niche (dance). I wrote a small eBook and got 30 sales from it. To me it was great because I didn’t think anyone would buy the eBook.


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