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Email marketing for bloggers and how they can build their email list.

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People complain about having too much email. I do too. I receive so many emails from different marketers. I began to wonder if email marketing was worth it. I don’t want to feel overwhelmed by emails and I don’t want to overwhelm others.  In the end, effective email marketing is still very beneficial to bloggers.

In this post I am going to explain the benefits of building an email list and ways to build it.

Benefits of Effective Email Marketing

One of the benefits of effective email marketing and building your list is being able to communicate with your readers in a personal way. This is something you will not be able to do on social media.

I absolutely enjoy getting emails from companies and other entrepreneurs that are offering great products. I have come to expect them to let me know about their new blog posts or products. I also expect to see the latest discounts or promotional offers. I have come to trust them because of their consistent, valuable emails (something that I am getting better at).

Stay Top of Mind to Build Relationships Through Email Marketing

Having an email list actually builds relationships with your readers. This can be done by crafting your emails as if you’re talking to one person. I have received emails from other entrepreneurs that were so valuable I had to reach out to thank them for the email or ask them a question. For instance, when Terry Green sent her weekly newsletter about a new tool that she found to help build traffic I was intrigued. So, I gave it a try. I can always afford free. I let her know that I will be trying the tool and will let her know the outcome.

When my readers reach out to me because of an email I have sent them I always end up remembering them. I follow them on social media and continue to build that relationship. So, the next time I send an email they might be more inclined to open the email because it’s from me. They actually know ME.

Monetize Your Blog Through Your Email Marketing List

Anytime you offer paid products and services or affiliate products to your email list and they buy from you have just monetized your blog. Having an email list gives you more of an opportunity to sell to those that are already enjoying your content and trust what you have to offer.

You Own Your List

Blogging and social media go hand in hand. I understand the importance of having a voice on social media. However, what if your favorite social media channels began to prevent you from promoting landing pages or charged astronomical fees to market your freebie. Having an email list will be the most important asset you have for your blog. Make sure that all of your social media platforms are there to funnel your followers on to your list. 

Email marketing and list building. Here is how.


Building Your Email List

Choose an email software. This part will be an investment. There are so many great email software companies available to choose from. Do your research on the cost and user friendliness of the companies. Here is a short list:

  • Mailchimp
  • ConvertKit
  • GetResponse
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • Infusion Soft
  • Ontraport

Choose a Service to Help you Build Landing Pages Easily

This is one of the most crucial parts of your email marketing. Landing pages will give you the ability to beautifully present your freebie to entice subscribers. You will be able to promote your link anywhere on your blog or through your favorite social media platforms. Many of the email services I mentioned come with a way to create a landing page. However, I have discovered I needed something more easier to build with certain features that I was not getting from my own email software. I decided to go with Leadpages. I had been looking at them for a year and I finally took the plunge and I love it. I am able to easily integrate my email service with Leadpages and deliver content. Also, having an opt-in page separate from your regular homepage on your blog frees people from the distraction on your blog. Having an intentional page to promote allows people to only focus on what you are offering and then they will be able to decide to opt-in. 

(Update, I am no longer using Leadpages at the moment however, their services are still valuable. Check them out).

Lead Magnet

Have you created a lead magnet for your blog yet? If not you can easily come up with something your audience will enjoy. Your lead magnet will differ depending on what type of audience you have. Creating a lead magnet is just like creating a product. Most people are looking for quick information that can solve their immediate problem. Here is a list of ideas you can use when coming up with a free offer:

  • One page list of tools you use in your business. 
  • One page free report. Think of this as an exclusive blog post that is extended in detail. Your reader should be able read this information in one setting.
  • Free video training series.
  • Checklist
  • Free course
  • Webinar
  • Contests
  • Giveaways
  • Challenges on Facebook
  • Templates
  • Free stock photos
  • Audios
Email marketing tips that new bloggers might need when starting out. I give ways to build your email lists and tools to use.
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Integrate Subscription Services Such as Sumome, MailMunch or Opt-in Monster

I have discovered that the best way to get people to subscribe to your blog is through an email subscription service. It should be able to integrate with your email software. Subscription services such as Sumome, MailMunch, and Opt-in Monster provide a way for sites to include pop-up windows, scrolling windows in the corner, top bar, side bars, and embedded forms to help make subscribing more easier. The three services I mentioned are plugins found on WordPress. However, you can use Sumome on any platform.

I have found pop-ups to convert more people into subscribers because the offer is right in their face. Although most people find it annoying it does work. Don’t worry about turning everyone off. Just don’t have too many pop-ups going on your page at one time.

Update: there is a protocol for using pop-ups now. Google is taking a stand against pop-ups, especially the ones that are annoying ads. Read how you can stay in the safe zone so your site won’t get penalized. Helping users easily access content on mobile


How to do be successful at email marketing

Funneling Your Readers to Your Email List Through Your Blog Posts

As a blogger you must create opportunities for people to subscribe to your email list. It starts with great content that solves a problem followed by a compelling lead magnet to get subscribers. Although you might include a way for your readers to get your lead magnet on the top bar, pop-up or side bar, you can include a link to an offer that is related to the blog post. This is called a content upgrade. When you create different lead magnets based on a blog post then you will have greater chances for people to join your email list based on their needs. This will ensure you will have a better open and click through rate.


Put some money into building your email list. If you want to reach more people and have a greater impact invest in creating paid advertising campaigns to promote your lead magnet. Although most people will advocate for Facebook ads, I don’t. I say promote your lead magnet on the platform that works best for you. You have options, there’s Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Types of Content Subscribers Love

One of the things that many new email marketers have trouble doing is knowing what emails to send to their list and how often. This is where things can get a little frustrating when you are expecting an income return on your money and time.

Here is a rule of thumb: your emails will either provide free value or paid value. You can provide free value in bite sized tips for your list. You can offer paid value by recommending paid products that solves their problem.

No matter what type of content you send your subscribers, make sure you’re providing them with value they can use. It will be a great idea to think of exclusive content you can send your list that will not be on your blog. Here is a list ideas:

  • Free video series that relates to the paid offer you want to send your subscribers.
  • Case studies or testimonials to give an inside look at how others are using your product or service.
  • New blog posts.
  • Announcements of flash sales or discounts.
  • Free courses.
  • Invite them to be a part of a free call with you.
  • Invite your subscribers to be a part of your group on Facebook.
  • Exclusive webinar for current email subscribers.
  • Information round ups to answer your audience most pressing need.
  • Teleseminar invite.
  • Livestreaming events on Periscope.
  • Podcast shows.
  • Interviews with other bloggers.
  • Exclusive audio training.
  • Infographic.  
  • Giveways to a new eBook where current subscribers get the eBook for free for a limited time.
  • Free consultations.
  • Invites to local conferences or workshops.

How often should I send my emails?

This is a question that I see all of the time. For a while I believed the less email I sent the less annoying I would be. However, your subscribers expect to see you in their inbox and you should stay on top of mind with your subscribers. You must be sure that you have something to send. Don’t send an email just to meet your quota of twice a week or whatever goal you have set for yourself. I highly recommend sending an email at least twice a week. I used to think maybe once a week or 3 times a month. But, there may be a better way to determine how much is right for your audience. Take a look at this article How Frequently Should You be Sending Out Your Email Newsletters. It gives insight to help you determine the amount of email to send to your audience per month.

Has this blog post helped you think of ideas that would help you begin a successful email marketing campaign? Tell me more about the success you are having in the comments or in my Facebook group. 

Building an email list infographic

Effective Email Marketing for Bloggers and Ways to Build Your Email List

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