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I had a huge traffic problem….

I couldn’t figure out what in the world was going on.

I was doing all of the Pinterest and Facebook group things. However, something wasn’t adding up.

My blog is self-hosted so I followed the popular blogging advice to use the Yoast plugin to help with SEO.

I thought it was a set it and forget it thing.

I recently found out, through taking a course on SEO, that I had a huge SEO problem.

There were some problems happening behind the scenes. I am glad that I discovered it now.

The first step I took was so see how Google was indexing my blog by typing in

Google was definitely indexing my site incorrectly which made people turn away from my blog. My organic traffic was really low in comparison to my social media referrals.

When someone one found my blog from a Google search they would see something weird. This is how it looked

how-get-blog-trafficSo I found an article to help me fix the issue.

It is hard for me to explain how to fix the issue because I am not that technical, but please check out the article.

How to Deindex WordPress Tags

Once you take care of any deep SEO problems then you can start working on on-page SEO and other SEO things (I don’t know what to call it). 

This article from Backlinko will help you with actionable tips you can follow to help bring in free organic traffic. 

201 SEO Tips (That Actually Work)

Free Traffic Strategies


I love blogs. 

They can answer so many questions.

I stumbled across a major blog post that made my jaw drop. I don’t even know how I found it.

Nonetheless, it was the most comprehensive list of traffic strategies that every blogger should read.

Have you seen this one from Sumome?

My grandfather used to say there is more than one way to skin a cat. I think that means there is more than one method to getting things done.


Bloggers tend to focus only on social media when it comes to traffic. However, Sumome has 130+ ways to get traffic to your blog. Most of them are free.

I recommend getting the cheat sheet when you’re done.

Want Free Traffic to Your Blog? You Have to Work for It. 

Get blog traffic from making your content shareable

Building free traffic takes work. And you have to be willing to do it.

Let’s talk about your content.

Here are questions you should be asking yourself.

Is my content shareable?

You’ve probably encountered this a few times on other blogs. When you make your content shareable you are actually giving people an opportunity to share with easily accessible share buttons.

..but you must also give readers a reason to share your content.

Your post should give valuable information and answer a specific need.

Read the post below on what the experts have to say about shareable content. 

How to Create Shareable Content: 46 Tips From the Experts

Why Does Shareable Content Bring Traffic to Your Blog?

Get traffic from Google


I listed shareable content because you get traffic when readers share your content with their audience. They have a level of influence.

Their audience trust them so when they share a valuable piece of content you are getting clicks from new interested readers.

If you want their audience to come back to your blog then you have to give plenty of opportunities for them to do that. You do it by giving options for joining your email list

  • With a top bar
  • Banner on the side bar
  • After the post
  • Before the post
  • In the post

Update Your Blog Posts for More Traffic to Your Blog

Blog traffic to wordpress

How often are you updating your blog posts? If you are not then you should be upgrading your old and newer blog posts.

Think about places in your blog posts where you might be able to create an infographic, embed a video, link to other sources, add more words and graphics.

Here is what I have discovered about content:

  • Google likes long form content. You do need some on your blog.
  • Google likes you to interlink your content. Keep people on your blog longer.
  • Google likes you to link to other sources. Keep tabs on the links with a plugin to make sure you don’t have any broken ones.
  • Google likes to know if you are consistent.
  • Google likes fresh, original content.

Make Your Headlines Catchy

Blog traffic catchy headlines

You’ve probably seen those blog posts on Facebook that might say

“These amazing twin girls start laughing when their mom sings, but then they do something incredible at the end.”

Ok, that headline was a little link bait-ish, but that headline worked. Right? We want to see what else the babies are doing.

So, you need headlines that will get people to click.

The one thing you should remember about headlines is that you must deliver on your promise. If you promise to give people tips on parenting, they better the best tips under the sun.

How would you know if you had a headline that people would want to click on?

Use a headline generator such as Tweak your Biz.

Type in your keyword and discover dozens of headlines you can tweak and make your own.

Hubspot also has a headline generator.

Create your own headline swipe file. 

Anytime you see an awesome headline clip it and put it Evernote. Then play around with that headline. Make it your own to fit what you are writing about.

Before you know it you will have tons of headlines you know will work for you. 

My Favorite Traffic Strategies



Don’t roll your eyes.

I love Twitter. I think many bloggers are missing out on the traffic that can come from this platform. 

Twitter used to be my number one source for traffic, but I had a few Pins go somewhat viral on Pinterest. So, traffic from Pinterest is ranking in the number one spot right now.

In other posts about Twitter, I mentioned that I love it because I can easily post my blog post more than once a day.

Most people won’t notice the first time so go ahead and Tweet your blog post again with a different headline.

There is that word headline again.

The right headline on a social media platform will get people to click on your link. That is how you get free traffic from social media.

Get this right and you will have free traffic from your social media marketing efforts.


Pinterest is growing on me right now.

I must say that I really didn’t want to love Pinterest for promoting my blog posts. However, I started to see the light on this platform.

I used to use Pinterest to promote my eBay listings when I was drop shipping. Anytime I Pinned my listings, I would make a sell.

Now, I’m using this as a traffic strategy for my blog and it is working!

Thanks to Tailwind I’m starting to dramatically increase my traffic using Pinterest.

If you’re looking for bloggers who really understand advance pinning strategies take a look at Melyssa Griffin and Elna Cain. 

Facebook Groups

There are plenty of bloggers talking about blogging groups in blog posts these days.

I know of several bloggers who boast of successful traffic coming from sharing their links in popular groups.

One of the reasons you should use this strategy is build your own network of blogging friends. Whenever they see your work they will share it!

I absolutely love that!

It is a great way to get a new post off the ground. However, I found my traffic to decrease from the groups when I’m not posting.

It takes a lot of work to make the rounds during promotion time.

The real traffic comes from doing the work from every other source mentioned in this post.

Repurposing Your Content

This is a strategy that I’m working on.

I need my content to be in more than one place.

I’ve challenged myself to start a YouTube channel and provide value to a different type of audience.

There are plenty of people there wanting to know how to start a blog to go along with their YouTube channels.

Plus, I’ve learned a few technical skills and social media techniques I share on this platform that the YouTube audience could use.


This is something new that I’m learning about and it could really be great for driving traffic back to my blog. I started with Medium.

Did you know you can share your blog directly from your URL that gives a link back to you?

Here is how you do it.

  • Go to
  • Sign up with using your Twitter account or Facebook account.
  • Click on your profile photo.
  • Click on stories from the dropdown.
  • Then click on import stories.
  • Copy and paste your blog post URL.
  • Click Submit.
  • Your blog post title will populate. Then scroll down to click on see story.
  • Add photos.
  • Change subheadings and bullet list.
  • Add your tags and publish.
Blog traffic: how to get traffic to your blog for free.
Pin for Later

Traffic Takeaways

As you are researching ways to increase your blog traffic remember that it all starts with great SEO. Without it you will not receive organic traffic.

You must have a social media strategy that can be automated to save time. However, without catchy headlines in your blog titles and in your social media promotions, you will not receive traffic from those efforts.

Try repurposing your content on different channels like YouTube. You don’t always have to show your face. People are looking for answers to specific problems. Share your screen and give a tutorial add a little music. It will be fun.

Start syndicating your blog on other platforms. Be sure to wait a few weeks before you import the link on Medium.

From time to time I use paid traffic. I’m still working on this traffic strategy.

That’s all I have for you.

From the links I mentioned and from some of my suggestions which strategy will you choose? Share and comment on a strategy you found particularly interesting. 




How to Get Blog Traffic Without Breaking the Bank

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  • April 28, 2017 at 7:48 pm

    Hi Katina. I saw what you wrote about under syndication. I signed up for Medium awhile back because I read somewhere that it was a good place to syndicate your blog posts but I never did anything more than sign up. Is it really as simple as you said? What kind of results are you getting?

    • May 3, 2017 at 6:20 pm

      I put up one post on Medium a long time ago. I got some traffic initially but decided I didn’t want to continue with it. But I have it on my blog post let people know about using Medium to get traffic.

  • September 29, 2016 at 12:14 am

    Sharing on Facebook Groups really help a lot on sending traffic to our website. We also found that sharing on G+ communities can be a great traffic driver too. In fact, we get most likes and shares on G+ communities than on Facebook groups.

    • October 3, 2016 at 5:44 am

      Interesting Grant. I will definitely have to look into that. Thank you for sharing.

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    – – Rachel @ Tidy&Teal

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      I think I have exhausted the list of things to do for traffic…from other sources. It amazes me to think that anyone could come up with 130 ways for traffic. It made me so happy I had to share it!

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