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How Bloggers Make Money


Ways to monetize your blog. Check out the resources on this page to help you monetize your blog.

There are so many ways you can make money with a blog. It really is not as hard as it seem, and it is not overly simple. However it can be done.

Sure, there is a learning curve when it comes to starting a business. Yes, if you are planning on making money with a blog, you have just planned to open a business.

In order to make money blogging you have to sell something. That something can be advertising for other companies, meaning they place ads on your site.

You can sell services such as freelance writing, blog templates, or consulting services.

One of the easiest ways to make money blogging with a product is through affiliate marketing.

Lastly, you can create your own products—digital or physical products.

This blog post is meant to share with you some resources to help you make money as a blogger.

First let’s get an understanding about profitable niche ideas.

1. Understand Profitable Niches and Real Traffic Strategies

Ok, so you have an idea of what you want to write about. And you have some ideas for your first few blog posts. Do you know if your idea or niche is really profitable? Well there is a way you can tell if you have a profitable niche by looking at a tool called Spyfu. It is a tool that shows the advertisements people are buying on Google Adwords. This tool allows you to see if you can make money writing about your niche

I heard about SpyFu on this post How to Make Money Blogging, Niche Ideas, Case Studies, and Traffic Strategies. It’s all about making money with a blog with knowing if your idea will generate a profit. The post also goes through traffic tips so you can start growing your blog efficiently. 

2. Make Money Blogging by Start an Email List

Ways to monetize your blog

The next thing you must think about for monetizing your blog is starting an email list. You should be doing this on the first day.

For a new blogger all of this can seem a little overwhelming. Let’s think about it this way…all of your favorite retailers has email lists, right?

I know I have signed up to receive emails from some of my favorite clothing stores. One of them is Torrid. I’m not affiliated with them, but let’s use them as an example.

from Torrid.com
from Torrid.com

The first time I visited their store I was asked if I wanted to join their email list, while at the register, to receive $50 off my next purchase. I was like, well yeah. Their clothes are kind of expensive so I wanted to save on a big order.  I receive catalogs for their new fashion lines and coupons to use in person or online.

These are valuable to me as I am always updating my wardrobe for the seasons here in Michigan.

When I am ready to go shopping I think about discounts and saving money. So I head to my inbox to see who sent me something. Usually it’s Torrid.

Do you see where this is going?

This retailer gave me a coupon for my next purchase but I had to give them my email address first.

The next time I wanted to buy something I used the code.

People sign up for your list for discounts and to receive valuable information. If you are partnering with a specific company, as with an affiliate program, you can keep your audience updated with discounts.

When a subscriber buys from you using your link, you have just monetized your blog.

Take a look at this blog post for suggestions on how to use email marketing as a blogger.

Read: Effective Email Marketing for Bloggers and Ways to Build Your Email List

You will need to create a free offer to get email addresses.

Need to know how to create a free offer? No problem.  Here a few posts to help you get started.

Read: How to Create An Opt-In Offer That Makes People Actually Want to Opt-In

You might also like this post from Digital Marketer on lead magnet ideas. It comes with plenty of examples. 


3. Make Money Blogging by Advertising

Monetize your blog with ads

Let’s talk about ads. Advertising is one of the first methods I used to blog for money. It is not the most effective way if you don’t have a lot of targeted traffic, but it can be done.

Most people sign up with Google Adsense to place contextual ads on their blogs. This blog uses advertisement and so does my dance blog. Do I make money with Adsense? I sure do but I don’t think I can tell you how much or show you my analytics for payment. I believe it goes against Google’s terms.

However, I do receive a check every few months. It’s not consistent money, but it’s added to all of the other income streams I use to monetize my blog.

Jeff Bullas wrote a great article on how you can make money blogging with advertisements. Pay attention to the different ad networks you can work with.

Read: 6 Ways to Make Money with Advertising on Your Blog and the Websites to Help You

4. Make Money Blogging With Sponsored Posts

Monetize a blog using sponsored posts

What is a sponsored post? A sponsored post is blog post created by a blogger in order to advertise for a company. The blogger might receive free products in exchange for creating a review and adding links in their blog posts. They might also receive monetary compensation.

I haven’t done this type of blog post yet however there are plenty of bloggers making money doing this.

In my perspective, parenting bloggers, food bloggers, and bloggers that are in health and wellness niches seem to be doing well with these types of post.

Need help getting started with sponsored posts? Checkout some of these helpful blog posts. 

11 Ways to Get Creative and Make Money with Your Sponsored Posts

How I make $3,000 per month with IZEA

5. Create a Service to Make Money With a Blog

Ways to monetize a blog. Create a service.

Whatever your blogging niche you can find a way to create a service.

There are so many bloggers that have website design expertise, so they offer this as a service to other bloggers. Take a look at what you can offer based on what you already know.

Do you know a lot about writing and selling eBooks? Are people always asking how do you do what you do? You can create a consulting service around that subject. 

Take a look at this intensive case study from Neil Patel detailing the type of services that bloggers can start offering on their blog.

4 Proven Services Every Blogger Can Offer to Make Money Online

6. Use Affiliate Products 

Monetize your blog with affiliate marketing

What  can I say about affiliate marketing? It is definitely an income stream I would recommend to bloggers to start right away when starting an email list. Finding good affiliate products all begin with knowing your audience and which products can help them solve a problem.

The main way people promote their affiliate programs is through writing blog posts and emailing their subscribers. I wrote two posts on affiliate marketing to help anyone thinking of monetizing their blog using this method.

Checkout the post on how you can standout in affiliate marketing Also read about how you can get started with selling other people’s products.

Need more instruction on affiliate marketing. Check out this affiliate marketing course from my referral link. This is a great course for beginners. 

7. Creating Products

Monetize your blog by creating your own products

Creating a product is not for everyone and everyone should not create their own product. I will never tell someone this is the absolute way to go if you want to create an income from home.

However, there are so many bloggers doing well with creating and marketing their products it is certainly hard to ignore. 

How do you create a product?

The easiest way to create a product is to create an eBook that teaches your audience how to do something to solve a specific need.

You can create an eBook from the top blog posts on this subject. Just don’t stop there. Your eBook can turn into a course or even a group coaching program where you work intensively with clients for a specific amount of time.

You could even spin all of this into a membership site as well.

Side note: products do not all have to be digital. You could create physical products such as planners, t-shirts, physical books and workbooks.

Need more advice on creating a product? Take a look at this blog post below. It gives details on how to create your own product.

Read: How To Create A Product That Sells

There you have it. How will you make money blogging? If you have found a way to monetize your blog be sure to leave a comment and let me know.

How to monetize a blog using 7 different strategy. Use one of them or all of them to monetize a blog.
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7 Tips for Making Money With a Blog

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    This is a great list of starter ideas to begin marketing your blog. Thanks for sharing!

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    I have a new blog but i have been blogging for about 2 years. I am learning so much and i love it! I didn’t think of monitizing my first blog but now i think i am ready.


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