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Blogging roundup Pinterest Marketing

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Welcome to another week of blogging roundups.

This week I will be focusing on Pinterest and why it is important for your blog.

I recently wrote a post about how Pinterest is good for driving traffic to a new blog. Check out that post. It is a very simple case study.

If you haven’t started promoting your blog on Pinterest it is time. It is best to automate your Pins, so an automation tool like Tailwind is a must.

So let’s get started with the first topic.

Work, Life, and Pinterest

This first post proves to me why a scheduling tool like Tailwind is crucial to helping you promote your blog posts on Pinterest.

After joining group boards and creating your own boards, it would be extremely difficult to re-pin others work as well as your own. It would all be overwhelming.

Imagine working with 100 boards. Some people are. A tool like Tailwind will help make the process much easier. It will also be much easier to balance it all. Take a look at this blog post on Balancing Life, Business, and Pinterest. 

Ways You Can Use Pinterest Marketing

I am going to replace the word marketing with promotion. This post explains the basics of what a blogger or online business would need to do in order to market on Pinterest. Peg Fitpatrick explains 12 Ways to Use Pinterest Marketing. 

Blogging round up. Why Pinterest marketing is so important. What is new in Pinterest marketing for this week.
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Shopping Ads

Back in January Pinterest announced their new shopping ads.

This is very exciting for those who have very visually appealing products that appeal to Pinterest’s audience.

You will now have the option to create an ad that will appear when someone enters a keyword that relates to your brand.

I can see the potential for tons of revenue (hint, hint). Can you, as a blogger, create something that is visually appealing for your blogging audience on Pinterest? Time to start thinking. Check out the post Pinterest Will Be Launching Search Ads.

New Pinterest Features

So I just heard about this new Pinterest feature where you can take a picture of something you like and you can shop this same look directly within Pinterest. You have to see this to believe it. This post on 3 Ways Pinterest Can Help You Decorate Your Home shows you how.

Learning From Pinterest Influencers

You have probably heard to pin other Pins as well as your own. Engage with the community based upon re-pins and likes. This list of advice as well as others from 8 Pinterest influencers has been the key to their success.

Learn What is Working for Your Pinterest Account

This next post is pretty advanced, but it is important to help your blog grow. The post mentions business, but blogging is your business.

This post gives actionable tips to help you use Pinterest Analytics to see what is working in your business or blog. Check it out: How Pinterest Analytics Can Help Your Business Grow.

How Pinterest Can Help You Cook Better

Ok, I know this is not blogging related however, I thought this post was very thoughtful.

I am not the best cook, although I cook some things well.

I have a goal to get better with cooking. Recipes can seem a little daunting to me. Thanks to Buzzfeed for testing out the Pinterest recipes to see if they are any good.

Your recipes, blogging tips, and business advice is all being taken to heart. There is someone, even several people who will try out what you’re advising. So…promote your best work in order for your readers to get the best results. You will be rewarded with saves, likes, and traffic.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of blogging roundup. As you can see Pinterest is very important to businesses and bloggers. If you haven’t started, now is the time. If you don’t have a scheduling tool, give Tailwind a try for free.

Blogging Roundup: Why Pinterest is Important for Your Blog

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