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Blogging roundup

This is my first ever weekly roundup of the best articles I’ve read on blogging this week.

I want to share with you some great posts that will help you with your blogging strategy.

Let me start off by asking: what is your blogging strategy for the week?

These blog posts may provide you with some new strategies to implement.

1. Blog Monetization

I know that many new bloggers want to make money right away. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not. Jeff Bullas offers some great tips on how you can start working towards boosting your blog income.

Do you know about these companies–, Chikita, Infolinks? Apparently there is a strategy to making these contextual ad companies work for you. This posts lists those strategies.3366

See: How to Boost Your Blog Revenue Fast Using One Strategy

2. Keyword Research

Keyword research is definitely changing. It is more difficult to get free, detailed information on keywords from Google Adwords. Well….we just have to change with the times. There are other ways that we can gain keywords.

Doing this will help you gain the best free, organic traffic from the search engines. That is what we want as the online world is becoming more competitive.

Moz shows how you can find hidden keywords using Google Sheets. Grab your coffee because this one is very detailed. You will learn something new from this post. It will teach you how to use the information found to create more blog posts centered around your popular keywords.

See: How to Uncover Hidden Keyword Data-Level Using Google Sheets 

Also you should see how you can use ‘keyword + year’ to help boost your blog traffic as well. You can use these for your roundup posts as an example.

See: The Keyword + Year Content/Rankings Hack – Whiteboard Friday

3. Traffic Tips

This post has all of the data on how certain traffic boosting strategies actually helped grow his [Neil Patel] blog. Many people will give tips. I do. But I have never gone as far as to actually show you how you can make these strategies work just by following what was done. So…I definitely need to step up my game.

Neil gives 8 really detailed case studies on:

  • Holding a contest.
  • Getting an interview with an expert.
  • Getting featured.
  • Guest posting.
  • Re-sharing old blog posts.
  • Adding infographics.
  • Do a webinar.
  • Start a podcast.

See: 8 Traffic-Boosting Blog Secrets that Almost Feel Like Cheating

Blogging roundup for blogging tips and strategies this week

4. Writing Better Blog Posts

Are you running out of blog post ideas? Do you think you need to a little more to retain your readers? Elna Cain from Twins Mommy wrote a post on how to write better blog posts. It will give you ideas that can help you with writing more informational posts, finding the problems of your readers, and offering them a solution.

Check it out!

See: How to Write Blog Posts that Your Audience Will Love

5. Blogging Productivity

I have 6 tabs open at the time of this writing. I will admit that I have toggled a couple of times to check an email coming in or checked a new notification on Pinterest. It can all be distracting. One of the things that I love about the Problogger site is the various articles from different authors. Darren is great at what he does and offers useful tips. There is one from a guest blogger by the name of Nicole Avery that caught my eye this week. Check out her post.

See: Setting Your Browser to Increase Productivity

Blogging strategies, blogging roundup of the best posts on tips to help your blogging get off to a great start in the next week.
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6. Blog Post Ideas

I have written 5 blog posts this week between my two blogs. It is fairly easy since I have a content calendar, experience with the topics, and the ability to type fairly quickly. Also, I write at least 1,000 words daily. This comes fairly easy for me. If you are in search of quick ideas you can write about try looking at this post on 100 blog post ideas.

See: 100 Blog Post Ideas for Daily Blogging

7. Social Media

Pinterest is one of the social media platforms that is awesome for bloggers. I have found it is worth spending time mastering and promoting stellar posts here. I wrote a post recently outlining the steps that I am taking to make Pinterest the best place to promote my new blog, Inspired Women With Purpose. Check out the post to see my first case study.

See: Pinterest Case Study, Does Pinterest Really Drive Traffic to Your Blog


Your plan for the week can be:

Setting new monetization efforts with a new contextual ad company:

  • Finding those hidden keywords that are working for you and creating more content to capitalize on your efforts.
  • Working on a new traffic avenue. The more, the merrier.
  • Writing more informative blog posts.
  • Increasing productivity.
  • Getting serious about Pinterest.

Find any awesome tips from these posts that are working? Let me know in the comments.


Blogging Roundup: 7 Blogging Strategies for the Coming Week

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  • February 19, 2017 at 6:31 am

    These are all really great tips! I’m gonna take some time to go through these posts, especially yours on how you’re using Pinterest. I’ve heard how amazing that avenue is for traffic so I’d love to learn how to utilize it better!


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