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GetResponse Autoresponder Tutorial, email marketing for bloggers.

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You can be on your way to your first 1,000 email subscribers starting today.

GetResponse can help you get there. Their aim is to help bloggers and businesses get those first 1,000 subscribers with their very own University for email marketing, only offered to those that are signed up for the service. This is their promise…but of course one would have to follow their advice. 

You can start with a FREE 30 day trial. So…if email marketing seems daunting as a blogger or you may not know if having an email list is even beneficial, then this trial run is right for you.

Perhaps you are looking for a way to send out emails automatically without having to spend a lot of time or money, GetResponse is right for you as well.

The way see it, $15 per month for 1,000 subscribers is a great deal for new bloggers who don’t have a ton of money to use on email software. 

Best of all, GetResponse will show you all the steps you need to take in order to get to 1,000 subscribers such as creating a free offer, finding places to guest post, and all the technical set up of their services. 

In this post, I want to share with you how I use GetResponse to set up an autoresponder.

Follow these steps and you can start email marketing like a pro.  

Let’s get started.

Start Your Free Trial

Before we get started on this tutorial, sign up for a FREE trial and take a look around. Follow along with me and then take the free email marketing courses on the site.


This is the first screen you will see when you log in. This is where you will find tabs to help you to:

  • Add contacts manually
  • Create a form
  • Create a newsletter
  • Create a landing page
  • Set up your autoresponder.

You will also find your stats on your last email blast when you scroll down the screen.

For this tutorial we will focus on creating a campaign and setting up your autoresponder.

Now let’s create your first campaign.

Create A Campaign

Create a campaign by clicking in the upper right hand corner from the drop down. You will then find “Create campaign.” Click on “Create campaign.”

Email marketing tutorial Start an email campaign.

After clicking on “Create campaign” you will be directed to name your campaign as seen below. After naming your campaign click on the blue button named “Create campaign.”

Email marketing, create a campaign in Getresponse.

 Then you will be directed to the next screen where it is time to create your autoresponder as seen below. Click on “Create Autoresponder” to get started.

Email marketing tutorial, set up your autoresponder.

Once you click on “Create Autoresponder” you will notice a calendar in the top left corner in the next screen.

This is where you want to be in order to start your autoresponder messages. Be sure that you start on day zero in order to trigger an immediate email once someone subscribes to your email list.

Be sure that the days of the week are all checked so that the first email can go out everyday of the week.

Also be sure to name your autoresponder for your reference. When all of that is checked over then you should start working on creating your new email. Click on “Create new email.”

Email marketing tutorial

Email marketing autoresponder

Create Your First Email

Once you click on create your email fill out the fields in the next screen

  • The message name, which will only be visible to you.
  • Create your email subject line.
  • Then choose which address people can respond to.
  • Once you’re done, click on Next Step.

Choose Your Template

Email marketing pre-designed templates in Getresponse.

GetResponse has hundreds of beautiful, pre-designed templates for you to use for your email marketing campaigns. You can use them to announce your latest product or items for sale.

I know many bloggers would rather send out a plain text email where they can create messages that speak directly to their audience. You can do this as well.

Decide if you will use a pre-designed template or if you will use a blank one instead.  

To use a blank template choose “Start from scratch” in the upper left hand corner once you have reached your template gallery.

Next, scroll down until you have reached the blank template.

I always start there and add sections of photos and text as I go.

Email marketing template blank in Getresponse

Start Building Your Own Template

To begin building your own email/newsletter simply drag and drop the elements that are on the right. You can add:

A way for your subscribers to view it on their browsers.

  • Photos.
  • Text.
  • Button linking to another site or store, for example.
  • Social Sharing Buttons.
  • PayPal Button.

Everything is very intuitive as if you were editing a Word document or if you were in the back office of your blog.

Helpful tip: If you want to share a video simply play the video and capture an image of the video using Snaggit. Then you can place the photo within the email and link it to wherever you uploaded the video i.e. YouTube or Vimeo.

Email marketing tutorial with Getreponse. Building your email/newsletter.


Edit and Format Your Email

To edit your email all you have to do is to click in the section you want to edit. Example if you want to edit your top email header image click on the section box and it will lead you to choose a photo from your computer or from Getresponse. Yup….it comes with stock photos already loaded.

As always you can create an email banner using Canva and choosing the “Email Header” template. Once the photo is completed upload the photo on to Getresponse to be used as your email header.

Email marketing Getresponse tutorial. Formatting your newsletter/email.

Email marketing example of creating and formatting your email newsletter.

Once you are finished editing and formatting your email/newsletter click on “Next Step” at the bottom right of your screen.

Save and Publish Your Email

Now you are at the end of setting up your first autoresponder message, which should be your welcome email .

When you click on “Next Step” you will be directed back to the calendar in an earlier step. You should notice whatever template you used for your email.

Below is an example of a pre-designed template preview in the autoresponder series. 

If you use a blank template your finished email will be seen in the same area.

Email marketing tutorial Getresponse

Then click on “Save and publish” and your first email will be on your calendar in your autoresponder series.

You will be able to go in and edit your autoresponder messages if you make a mistake or want to change the format.

You can add more messages to be sent to your email subscriber. It will go out on the days you set.

Email marketing calendar



And there you have it! You will be so proud of yourself when you have this all set up and ready to. Do you have any ideas for a free offer you will offer your readers? Having an autoresponder will be essential as you deliver your free courses or pdf’s. It’s a lot easier than trying to send it out manually. 

Are you ready to get started? Don’t forget to sign up for your FREE trial. 

Get 30 days free to try out Getresponse to start building your email subscriber list.
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How to Be On Your Way to 1,000 Email Subscribers With a Free Autoresponder Service for 30 Days

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