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I am on a quest to test out the most common ways bloggers are using social media to promote their blog posts.

There are tons of courses and bloggers professing they are receiving traffic from Pinterest and teaching other bloggers how to use it.


I started a new blog for women called Inspired Women with Purpose. I decided it was a great idea to promote this new blog on Pinterest. I wanted to chart my progress based on the best blog posts on this topic. I wasn’t completely sure about how long I would chart my progress however I thought it was a good idea to keep going until I get results.

I finally settled on 30 days of testing.

Note: I’m a homeschool mom of 3 children. One of which is a toddler. I want to show you how I have been able to grow my new Pinterest account and gain traffic to my new blog using Pinterest. I used Facebook to directly announce my new blog to those who already follow this one and in my group. 

Starting a New Pinterest Account

  • To start with Pinterest I opened a business account.
  • Filled out my profile completely.
  • Used a sociable photo for my account.
  • Verified my website.
  • Used keywords found on Pinterest on boards and pins so that others will find my boards and pins.
  • Created beautiful, long, attractive Pins.
  • Signed up for Rich Pins.

Blog Posts I Followed at the Start of the Study

I combed Google, Twitter, and Buzzsumo to curate the most popular information that shows marketers and bloggers what needs to be done in order to get the most from Pinterest.

Here are the blog posts that guided me based on popularity on the web:

4 Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Exposure

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing

These are the two posts I used as a guide to help me create my own Pinterest strategy.

Note: I only used free strategies, although I used Tailwind to help me schedule Pins when I couldn’t manually pin. This costs $15 for the monthly plan. 

My Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pinterest marketing strategy for a new blog.


Create a New Board on Pinterest Everyday

I created a new board on Pinterest everyday throughout this case study. Confession…it wasn’t exactly everyday, however I was very active on my new Pinterest account. I created a new board often so that I could re-pin my pins and other pins for a steady flow of opportunities to drive traffic to my blog.

The key to doing this is to think about all of the keywords readers might be typing into the Pinterest search bar. Use those keywords and synonyms to help you come up with other boards from the subject of your blog post.

Post Pins from Group Boards

I would go through group boards that I belonged to and others that were not accepting any more members. I would re-pin those Pins if they were relevant to my niche.

I noticed that many of the Pins I was seeing were not on my general feed.

Joined Group Boards

Group boards provide a way for website owners and bloggers to gain more exposure to their pins. I made sure to join group boards based on the high re-pin rate.

Pin Groupie can help you discover which group boards you should join.

Pinterest marketing for bloggers. Does Pinterest drive traffic to a new blog?
Pin for Later


Create Pins in Canva

I have absolutely no design experience. This makes things a little frustrating for me at times.

I attempted to gain inspiration from other Pinners, but it didn’t seem right. I really wanted to make my pins stand out created a few pins to see which ones did well initially. Once I discovered the best design I used it as a template to use for all of my pins.

Note: I am still working on getting this correct. 

Gain New Followers on Pinterest

In order to get followers you have to follow other Pinners. I made sure to follow other accounts that were in my niche. Many of them were fellow bloggers. However, those that were not bloggers I showed interest in their pins by liking several and re-pinning their pins to my boards. This allowed me to gain new followers who were not just bloggers.

Opening Day

Since I would only be using Pinterest to promote my blog for a while, with occasional promotion in Facebook groups it became easier for me to track my progress.

Of course I started with zero followers. I followed 100 people in my niche and waited a week to see what happened.

I ended up with 47 followers by the end of the week.

I also promoted my new Pinterest account in a Facebook group and gained 25 more followers.

I started my new account with 5 boards and 10 pins each.


Rich Pins

I thought that I wouldn’t need rich pins because I don’t have any products sold directly on my blog. However, it is a great idea to do it because it will show your blog title at the top of pin and will give more details about how the pin belongs to. Click here to learn how to install Rich Pins for your blog.


Out of all the tools you can use for Pinterest this one is the coolest. I had to open a new Plus account for my new blog in order to have unlimited scheduled Pins. It is so worth the investment to be able to allow this tool to Pin for me when I am unable to.

My strategy for using Tailwind was to schedule a specific Pin I really wanted to promote. I would go to the Pinterest site and find relative Pins. I would schedule 3, schedule one of my Pins muntil I reached 20 for the day.

I used the save later option so that I could bulk load pins onto specific boards quicker. After the first week I increased my scheduled Pins to 50 per day.

I do have one note of caution. Do not do this strategy with group boards. Only with the boards that you have created.

Ready to get started with Tailwind?

Click here to get started with a free Tailwind trial.

My Blog Traffic and Followers

At the end of the month I ended up with 431 pages views. Here are the results I got from Pinterest.

I had 69 sessions with visitors going to 2 or more pages. Take a look at the average time spent on my blog which is 5:59 minutes. This says that people are actually taking the time to read my blog posts, which I appreciate very much.

At the end of 30 days I had 179 followers.

Not bad for attempting to work consistently with my type of schedule.


This is a very new blog with a new Pinterest account. I will imagine that over the next coming months my stats will increase greatly as I continue with my strategy and tweak a few things.

I will be updating this case study in 60 days and 90 days and at the end of the year.

Be on the look out for those blog posts.

To answer my question: Does Pinterest drive traffic to your blog? Yes. And this case study shows what Pinterest marketing looks like for a new blog.

60 Day Update to Traffic on Pinterest 

I must say that it is not easy to follow a schedule for setting up Pins on Pinterest every single day. 

I listened to several videos on this subject, trying to understand how I can increase my pinning schedule to 50 times per day. I may have to put scheduling 50 Pins a day on the back burner until I can figure out a way to make the process a little faster. 

I always want to make sure I am providing the best pins possible instead of just re-pinning in order to get my own Pins out on Pinterest. So…I take a little time to read the blog or follow the link. I never want to send anyone to a blog that I wouldn’t enjoy. 

All in all, my strategy still remains the same.

  • Created new boards
  • Joined group boards
  • Pin from group boards
  • Used Canva to create Pins
  • Followed quality Pinners and boards to gain new followers

Results from Pinterest Analytics

Instead of using Google Analytics I wanted to know exactly what my pins were doing inside of Pinterest. I wanted to know the clicks I was actually receiving as compared to saves. 

These are the impressions from the Pins from my new blog Inspired Women With Purpose. 

I started to see an increase in average impressions and daily viewers. To me this means there was in an increase to people seeing my pins on their feed. 

Clicks Back to My Website

This my average daily clicks to my site which averaged 8 per day. Not bad for just getting this blog started with Pinterest. 

My Most Popular Pins

These are the results of my most popular pins in 30 days. My most popular pin is on a blog post that deals with domestic violence, followed by regaining self-esteem after leaving a bad relations, and tips to stay inspired to lose weight. 

Final Results After 60 Days of Promoting a New Blog on Pinterest

Page views (according to Google Analytics): 441

Followers: 390

Boards Created: 28

Group Boards: 10



Pinterest Case Study, Does Pinterest Really Drive Traffic to Your Blog

5 thoughts on “Pinterest Case Study, Does Pinterest Really Drive Traffic to Your Blog

  • February 7, 2017 at 12:06 am

    Awesome case study! I tried something similar for a new lifestyle blog and focused intensely on Pinterest for the first month and it’s pretty cool what results you can get. 🙂

  • February 6, 2017 at 9:55 pm

    Really great info, especially as I’m pretty new to the blogging world! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • February 6, 2017 at 9:51 pm

    AWESOME POST! Really great info. I love how you took it from nothing and show how to build it with Pinterest. Some of your strategy I hadn’t known about or understood until this post. Great job! Gonna follow this blog so I can stay in the loop.

  • February 6, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    I love seeing case studies! Stepping up my social game is definitely one of my immediate goals for my business. Thanks so much for this.


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