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Why blogging courses will assist with blogging success.

I have spent time reading comments in groups from bloggers who believe you don’t have to pay for a course in order to be a successful blogger.

I believe bloggers do need courses.

Although there are tons of free information available on blogging none of them will offer you some of the extra perks you may get when you pay for a blogging course.

Any chance to ask specific questions and receive a response back is very valuable when you are stuck doing a task. It is also valuable if you are implementing the suggested materials and need help.

I have personally taken courses on:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Traffic strategies
  • YouTube
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram
  • Kindle authorship
  • Copywriting
  • WordPress design
  • Marketing

Guess what? I plan to take more. There are so many things I want learn in order to increase my chances of blogging success.

Reasons Why Bloggers Should Take Courses

Here is a list of reasons why bloggers should take courses in order to be successful. The reasons listed are not just about blogging courses. It is about learning new skills that can strengthen you as a blogger.

  1. Learn how to start a blog.
  2. Learn how to write blog posts.
  3. Learn how to promote your blog posts with proven social media strategies (learn from experts).
  4. Learn how to style and design your blog.
  5. Learn the best strategies to monetize your blog.
  6. Learn how to focus your niche.
  7. Learn how to drive traffic using advance methods.
  8. Learn how to create images for your blog.
  9. Learn how to create and market your own information products using your blog.
  10. Learn how to publish an eBook on Amazon.
  11. Learn how to structure your blog posts.
  12. Learn how to start an email list from scratch.
  13. Learn how to create a giveaway product.
  14. Learn how to guest post for more traffic.
  15. Learn how to reach your audience in different ways using videos.
  16. Learn how to use your affiliate links.
  17. Learn how to use specific tools to help grow your blog.
  18. Learn the best free traffic strategies that are right for you.
  19. Learn how to do copywriting.
  20. Learn how to do market research.

As you can see this is a pretty good list of reasons why bloggers should take courses in order to be successful. I want to share with you my go to courses for bloggers that will, hopefully, benefit you greatly.

Blogging courses. Check out the 20 reasons bloggers need courses to be successful.
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Top 3 Recommended Blogging Courses

There are several blogging courses available that are both free and paid. It can be difficult to choose because they all sound great. I am going to share with you the 3 courses that can really enhance your success as a blogger.

1. Write a Blog Post that Drives Traffic

The first blogging course I want to share with you comes from Creative Live. This site gives tons of information from industry experts that really know what their craft. The class I want to share with you is taught by Darren Murph on How to Write a Blog Post that Drives Traffic. 

This course is from the world record holder in blogging. So how many original blog posts has he written? He has written tens of thousands of posts. In 2010, he received his award for writing 17,212 blog posts with no plans of stopping.

Darren shares his secrets on how to write original blog posts quickly that will drive traffic.

While most bloggers will show you how to get traffic to a blog post, he shows how to write blog posts that will attract traffic. Sounds attractive, right?

2. Affiliate Marketing

The next course I want to share with you is my favorite affiliate marketing course for beginners (Affiliate Marketing- Beginner’s Guide to Earning Online). It is jammed packed with real world information from an instructor who has been online for over 10 years. Her name is Lisa Irby.

She shares how she has been able to create a substantial income stream using affiliate marketing.

This course is constantly updated. As you know, things change online and you have to be able to change with the times. Lisa is always available to answer questions and create more videos based on those questions.

3. WordPress Academy to Help Build a Better Blog

The next course I want to share with you comes from Chris Dixon, an expert on web development. It is called WordPress Academy-Master WordPress Step-by-Step.

This is a course I should have taken 2 years ago when I first migrated the Desk of Katina Davenport from Blogger to WordPress.

I once had someone critique my blog. This person let me know that it wasn’t professional enough. I was upset initially but I worked hard to upgrade the look of my blog without hiring a web developer. This was an expense that I could not afford.

Once I discovered this course I was able to do all of the basic things I wanted to do with WordPress. I was able to fully understand what the widgets were for and even how to design a Woo-Commerce section, in case I needed it one day.

There is so much value in this course. You will be designing like a WordPress pro in no time.


There is nothing wrong with taking courses to enhance your skills as a blogger. Most jobs offer training to allow new employees to get acclimated to their system and to learn their job. Bloggers need training to learn how to be a successful blogger. It does matter if you spend a lot of money on a course or very little. What matters most is the knowledge of the instructor, updated information, and implementation.

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20 Reasons Why Bloggers Need Courses to Be Successful
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