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Guest post from Nadalie Bordwell.

Ready to take your blog to the next level?

With so many bloggers and blogs, how do you stand out?

How do you separate yourself from every other blogger in your niche?

We all start out blogging by learning from other successful bloggers. We check out their designs, how they format their posts, their color schemes and logos, and we emulate them in our own.

One of the biggest blogging mistakes and risks to your own blogging identity is to never step out and distinguish yourself as a unique blogger.

Hey, I know that in the blogging world we all borrow from each other, build on what another does and are a part of this beautiful web of information. But blogging exactly like everyone else is, or even your favorite blogger, will only get you so far.

Answer honestly, are you blogging like yourself? Or are you blogging like everyone else?

Expressing your unique blogging style is incredibly important to separating yourself from the crowd.

Blogging style. Learn the 5 ways you can express yourself as a blogger. Guest post from Nadalie Bordwell
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What Makes You Unique?

The first step to expressing your unique blogging style, is to embrace and then exploit what makes you you.

What’s special about you?

What makes your blog different from everyone else’s?

What do you have to offer your readers that no one else can?

Is it your personality? Your viewpoint? Your way with words?

What is your story?

We each have our strengths and unique flavor that we bring to blogging, you just need to tap into yours. Unlike branding and choosing your niche, which usually happens before you start your blog, your unique blogging style develops over time.

The more you blog, interact with your readers and learn to channel your uniqueness, aka embrace your awesome, the more of unique your blog will be.

Here are 5 ways for you to have a killer blog that stands out from the rest.

1. Embrace Your Slang

Your blog is built on words, they convey your message and help you connect with your audience. Your words are more likely to stick in the memory of someone if you express yourself in a way that only you can.

What are your -isms and your sayings? We use them when we speak and text with our friends, so use them in your blogging too. Come up with a coin phrase or two if you can. You want to be synonymous with your lingo.

These key phrases have the potential to mark you as different from the rest. They can stick to the minds of your reader and make you unforgettable. Own your voice and your slang!

2. Boss Up Your Blog Design

Reach boss level by doing some simple tweaks to your template or theme design. So many blogs look identical because we’re all using the same themes. Take a bit of time to learn how to customize your blog in WordPress or SquareSpace.

How can you change your design to better reflect your own style? Think of your blog as your home, decorate it with your own graphics, photos and colors. Does your home or start here page give an amazing first impression?

Don’t be afraid to NOT include something on your blog, if it’s not relevant to you. You don’t need to have a certain page or even a side-bar for example if it doesn’t serve your audience.

Blog photography

3. Use Photography Purposefully

It is well-known that a picture is worth a thousand words, so let me ask you, what are your photos saying? We worry about word counts, but do your photos count? Are you using them to convey emotion or are they just filler?

This includes not just the types of images you use, but the amount. Are they enhancing your content or drowning it?

Use your photos with intention. Take them as seriously as the words you write, if not MORE so. Your images are the first thing anyone sees and they’re the centerpiece of all your social media shares.

You don’t have to use original photography either, stock photography offers a world of possibility and by adding some text, lightening or darkening, changing the color profile or by making it black and white, you can easily create unique photos. Also try and use less popular stock images that every blogger uses.

4. Add Pop with Color

2016 was the year without much color, with white space and soft, blown out images dominated social media. Let me be the first to tell you, “that’s so last year!”

Be bold, embrace color if it compliments and accentuates your blogging style. Don’t be afraid to use bright images or colors in your blog posts, social media, photos or graphics.

Some of the most memorable blogs and websites have defied convention and embraced color.

Think about it this way, in a sea of sameness what’s more likely to stand out and grab your audience’s attention, a faded image or one that pops with color?

5. Offer a New Perspective

What do you care about that isn’t getting much attention in your niche? Sometimes it can feel like every single blogger in your niche is writing about the same ten topics. What’s the eleventh or twelfth?

What unique perspective do you have? What problems and pains does your audience have, that no one’s talking about?

Or even more attention grabbing, what popular position do you disagree with? Can you stand out by taking a stand for or against something?

Don’t be afraid to speak up! Your blog is your soap box and your microphone, speak.

Express Yourself!

Being yourself, your own unique brand of awesome, is the only way to stand out online. Don’t be afraid to express your unique blogging style, that compliments your blog.

And remember, the only way to find your unique blogging style is to try. You don’t have to do it all at once and revamp your entire blog, but you can try out something new with every post.

Go ahead, embrace your awesome and everything that makes you unique. Break “the rules,” defy convention, stand out by blogging differently! It’s all you boo!


Nadalie Bardowell, It’s All You Boo


Nadalie is a creative entrepreneur who escaped the 9-5 to pursue her dreams of being a full-time graphic designer and photographer. On her blog, It’s All You Boo, she helps other dreamers and hustlers embrace their awesome, so they too can build their dream lives with confidence and action. 


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5 Ways to Express Your Unique Blogging Style
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