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Blogging success can be yours.

So you want to be a blogger.

And you want blogging success.

Maybe you are already a blogger. You’re also probably wondering how to make all of this work for you like so many other bloggers.

You’ve scoured the Internet and Pinterest to gather your ideas. You’ve looked at traffic and income reports. You have tried it and nothing.

I have been there.

Everyone has their niche. That means everyone has their way of doing things even when it comes to their blog. Some have specific talents or prior knowledge that can give them an edge when it comes to blogging.

Some may have prior knowledge about social media marketing or offline marketing and can translate that knowledge to effectively promoting their blog.

Others may have media connections and know how to get their new blogs in front of a lot of people.

Other bloggers may have prior online marketing knowledge.

Whatever you know or don’t know does not determine your overall success. Everything can be learned.

I’m writing this blog post to help you understand what it really takes to be a successful blogger. If you are ready keep on reading.

Blogging success

Become a Successful Blogger With Small Goals

Small goals and small wins have helped me when it comes to gaining traction with my blog. I have a specific income goal I want to reach when it comes to affiliate commissions. I also have specific blog traffic, and still working on increasing my traffic.

I once read that it may take 1,000 clicks on an affiliate product before someone buys.

I interpreted this to mean I need at least 1,000 humans to visit my site and on the 1,000th visit maybe someone will purchase.

I also read that it takes someone to be exposed to a product 7 different times before they decide to purchase. That means I need to have an email list and expose my subscribers to my products consistently in order to start generating income.

In order to reach those goals I have to create links within my affiliate networks and actually put them on my blog.

I have to share affiliate links on social media.

I have to actively build my email list in order to share them directly with my subscribers, which means I have to create giveaways for visitors to download.

I have to track clicks and tweak where I am inserting links in a post or where I am promoting them.

Do you see where this is going? It is all about finding out how to do something and implementing the steps in small increments.

Blogging success workbook

Master and Test Everything

No one grows up thinking I am going to write on the Internet for a living. Most people don’t even believe this is a viable business endeavor.

I have never heard of blogging courses being offered in college. Blogging is a new mindset. It is full of uncertainty, just like entrepreneurship.

It can either work for you or you can fail miserably.

One thing that has always worked for me is testing to see what will really work for me. I have to give tools and strategies time to work. I have to work new strategies at least 90 days with intense watch to know what is working and what is not.

The tried and true methods of successful blogging are:

  • Choosing the right hosting company.
  • Choosing the right platform (WordPress)
  • Publishing consistent content.
  • Social media promotion.
  • List building.
  • Networking with other bloggers.
  • Guest blogging.

Everything else are those in between steps that lead up to getting the work done for your blog.

Dig Deeper With Online Blogging Courses or Books

Blogging courses or courses that are centered around blogging tasks have been my number one tool when it comes to fine tuning my blogging strategy.

I have always started with the free advice around the web. There is so much great information about blogging that it is hard not to get a great start.

Most bloggers will not be able to tell you everything in a blog post, unless they are one of those bloggers who enjoys writing 10,000 words in a single post. There are a few who do. For the most part, you will not learn everything you need to know from a blog post.


Ok….here’s the truth.

You will either get lists which are valuable for getting the basics idea of information. Then there are case studies which can be very anecdotal. Anecdotes can be great, but you also need real, proven methods that can work across the board.

Also, there are tips and tricks which may get you to the middle of where you need to be, but you will feel like something is missing.

I like courses and books because I find out things that I would have never known otherwise. Information is concisely explained which is different than having just a cheat sheet.



Goals, wins, and testing is what will help you become a successful blogger. This is what works for me.

I have a workbook to help you find your path to success as a blogger. Subscribe to download the workbook.

Blogging success can be yours when you follow your own path. Here is a blog post on how you can be a successful blogger. Download a free workbook to go along with the blog post.
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How to Discover What Will Make You a Successful Blogger

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