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Get Free Traffic Using Pinterest

Get traffic to your blog using Pinterest. This blog post shows you why you should use Pinterest to get free traffic. Also, there is a Pinterest course available to help you skyrocket your blog traffic.

This post contains affiliate links. If you should purchase I will receive a commission.

Do you have a traffic problem?

Do you have a new blog or business? You might be thinking about ways you can get your new blog or website in front of viewers.

What is the best option? Everyone is singing the praises of Facebook or even Twitter (which I love). You want everyone to know who you are and where to find you. Your best option would be to get your site directly to customers or readers who are looking for what you have to offer.

Even if you have been blogging a while or have a website and are unsatisfied with your traffic then Pinterest is right for you.

This post will give you 7 reasons why using Pinterest to get traffic is the best strategy.

I want to make sure you are getting the abundance of free traffic you deserve. If traffic is a problem for you I want to recommend a course to help you learn how to get free traffic using Pinterest. 

1. Get Traffic Using Pinterest to Get In Front of Your Target Market

Pinterest can put you in front of your target market. The search terms inside of Pinterest allows users to the right results when researching. Therefore making it easier to find a recipe or the latest fashion trends, for example.

Let’s say you are a food blogger or fashion blogger. Your blog can come up on while someone is searching for what you have to offer.

This can work for many blogging niches. Using Pinterest to get traffic is definitely worth getting directly in front of readers or customers who are looking for a site like yours.

2. Pinterest Users Come Ready With a Credit Card in Hand

Pinterest users are ready to buy. Half of the users go to Pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration for their next buy. If you are a blogger who has visually appealing affiliate products to promote you can do so directly on Pinterest.

Even though I blog about blogging I can still make visually appealing pins to attract buyers who are looking to buy one of my recommended blogging products.

3. Get Traffic Using Pinterest While You Are Sleeping

When using Pinterest to get traffic to your blog you can do so in your sleep with the help of automated tools. My favorite automated tool for Pinterest is Tailwind.

4. Track Your Pinning Performance Easily

Pinterest for business account users has the luxury of using Pinterest’s easy to navigate analytics tool to evaluate the effectiveness of their pinning. You will know exactly how much traffic you are receiving from Pinterest and which Pins are performing better. Using their tool is much easier to use than Google Analytics to evaluate my pinning performance, in my opinion.

How to get traffic with Pinterest. Check out the free video to see why Pinterest is essential for bloggers. Start getting free traffic today.

5. Pinterest Can Cut Through The Online Noise

I have learned that Pinterest is actually a search engine. Therefore you do not have to cut through all of the cute baby videos and political rants that can be seen on some social media platforms.

6. Best Opportunity for New Sites

Pinterest has 150 million users and 2 billion searches every month. Ninety-seven percent of top searches were for non-brands. This means that everyone was not searching for the top named shoe designer that everyone is wearing. Users are searching for terms that may look like this “designer shoes for less.” New bloggers and business owners have an incredible opportunity to capitalize on these Pinterest users searching for keywords that can bring up their sites.

This creates an incredible opportunity to capitalize on these Pinterest users searching for keywords that can bring up their sites.

7. The Opportunity for Free Traffic From Pinterest Lasts for Months

A Pin that I pinned almost a year ago is still getting saved. I am getting tons of traffic from this one pin on How to Be a Blogger and Stay a Blogger.

Even though I have recently changed the Pin that leads to the actual blog post. However, I am still receiving saves at least 3 times a week and continual traffic to this one post.


Using Pinterest to get traffic is an essential strategy to gaining targeted traffic. Start learning the best Pinterest strategies not seen online in this course. 

Bloggers: Get more traffic to your blog using Pinterest. Learn why Pinterest is right for your blog and how you can learn the best Pinterest strategies in this Pinterest course.
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7 Reasons Why Free Traffic From Pinterest is the Best Traffic Strategy

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