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How to Blog and Make Money

There is a difference between starting a blog and starting a money making blog.

I wrote a blog post on the ultimate guide to starting a blog then I suddenly realized the difference.

The huge difference is discovering what you want to sell first before you set up a blog or write a blog post. It is the realization that you want to create a blog that will make money.

One of the first things you can do while you are setting up your blog is asking yourself what you can sell. Also, ask yourself what topics am I passionate about. With these questions you can start creating blog posts that will introduce your readers to products that will solve a specific need.

Before we go any further with the post, you can start a money making blog with setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog. If you need any help with this decision here is a blog post on how you can start a blog in 3 easy steps.

Make money blogging. This post will show you how to start a money making blog.

Start a Money Making Blog by Having a Solid Niche

All blogs start with a solid niche–something the blogger is passionate about. One of the best ways to solidify your niche is to brainstorm your topic.

Let’s say you want to start a money making blog around the subject of health and fitness. You can start brainstorming all of the sub-topics about this subject.

Here are a few examples:

  • Juicing
  • Workouts for moms
  • Healthy eating plans
  • Healthy meal prepping ideas
  • Holistic remedies and holistic fitness
  • Eating and workouts for a healthy heart

Play around with the many different topics you can write about in your blog posts to come up with the best niche.

Research Affiliate Programs Around Your Niche

If you are new to making money with a blog and wondering how it is done, you can start by signing up with the Amazon affiliate program.

Once you sign up with Amazon you should start researching products you can recommend on your blog.

Start with the products that have the most reviews in your niche.

Let’s use the example of health and fitness again. With an Amazon Associate account, you can search for any product you can imagine that is related to health and fitness.

Again, brainstorm the popular products in your niche. Think about many of the products you have used and found them to be successful in order to write an insightful blog post about the product.

Document all of the products you may want to offer into a spreadsheet with a link to the product so you can go back and add the links later.

This will keep you organized with your own little inventory of products you can start selling on your blog posts.

You can use this tactic to start affiliate marketing and more from the course on affiliate marketing for beginners listed below. Click to get started.

Take a course on affiliate marketing to help you start blogging and making money online.
Affiliate marketing course for beginner’s

Other Affiliate Programs

You can also use a service such as Skimlinks to aggregate over 20,000 affiliate programs straight to your blog without you having to add them (if you don’t want to).

It works by adding a specific code to your website so that Skimlinks can add affiliate links based on keywords or stores you mention on your post.

You can add affiliate links to the post manually if you want. There are tools within Skimlinks to help with that.

Other affiliate networks to discover new products to offer your readers:



Blog Posts for a Money Making Blog

Once you start figuring out the products you want to sell and the topics you write about, then it is time to start writing content.

Every blog post does not have to include affiliate links, but it is a good idea to use them as much as possible.

You can use the links by creating a product round up post, for example. Doing so will give your readers options on what products they can buy that will solve a particular need.

Let’s say you want to create a blog post about juicers. You can create a blog post that will help readers find juicers that will take care of the seeds within the fruit. Or beginner juicers for those that are on a budget.

Take a look at this example:

This is from the Veggie Files. This blog post examines the best juicers. There are affiliate links throughout the post. This is an example of what you can do to set up your content to help you make money.

This photo is an example of a blog post that is includes affiliate links in a roundup post for their readers.

Make sure you let people know that you will be using affiliate links in the post.

This is just one example of what you can do to include affiliate links in your posts.

Make sure your blog posts are informative such as a how to post or tutorial post. This where you can show readers how to make the best juice for a 7 day cleanse, as an example. Then provide them with links to all of the products you used such as juicers, containers, cutting boards or anything you can think of.

Adding Subscribers to Your Money Making Blog

Another aspect of starting a blog to make money getting people to subscribe to your blog. This the premiere way of staying in contact with readers who like your content but are not ready to buy.

Have you ever visited an online store but was not ready to buy items? You could be saving to buy something else, don’t have the funds at the moment, or are not sure if you want to buy anything.

There could be many reasons a reader will not purchase something from your blog immediately upon reading one of your posts. You want to make sure you get those readers to become subscribers so when they are ready to buy then they will buy from you.

This takes building a relationship through email. All you have to do is offer a free gift such as a coupon, eBook, or checklist. Something they can get for free.

Emailing regularly is important to stay in contact with those readers. You can do so in a weekly email newsletters reminding them of any deals that were previously seen on your blog.

Once all of these things are in place you want to think about how to get traffic to your blog. There are so many ways to do it and I highlight several in this blog post on getting traffic without breaking the bank.

How to start a blog and make money. Make money blogging. This post shows you the basics of what you need to know to start a money making blog.
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The way to start a money making blog begins with:

  • Knowing your niche.
  • Knowing what you want to sell to solve a need for your readers.
  • Creating blog posts that will allow you easily recommend affiliate links.
  • Staying in touch with your readers by getting them to subscribe to your email list so you can recommend more products.
  • Converting traffic into buyers.

These are the basics of what is done.

If you have any questions about starting a blog leave them in the comments and make sure you get my workbook for successful blogging. 

What You Need to Know About Starting a Successful Money Making Blog
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