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After reading and studying all of the information on how to do blog, I am ready for something new. I feel that I have forgotten the most important thing about being a great blogger–authenticity. I just need to be myself.

One of the reasons my dance blog did so well was because of the personal experiences I shared on just about every post.

I have provided anecdotes about some of my reasons why I started my blog. However, I feel like I need to share more of my personal experiences with blogging. I also want to share more of my thoughts and feelings about being a blogger. This includes major wins, failures, or even disappointments.

It is important for me not to always sound like I have to teach something. I do have a passion for teaching, but I also have a passion for connecting with people.

I have also disconnected with have a true niche. Although this blog is about blogging and I have written posts on everything blogging related, it still did not separate me from other bloggers blogging about the same topics.

This is a crossroad for my blog as I concentrate on being my true self as a blogger, and show others how they can create an eBook to monetize their blog.

I think bloggers who are blogging about blogging have a tendency to forget about showing more of a personal side to their process or teachings.


How I Am Including More Authenticity in My Posts

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