Blogging is more than choosing the right platform or writing the most epic blog post ever. It is more than getting your posts to go viral on social media. I could share all of the traffic secrets in the world, but there is one thing you should know about starting a blog.

It starts with knowledge and passion. It starts with YOU.

Here are my tips for blogging that are not about blogging at all.

1. Share Your Story

Your story matters. There is a story behind every blogger, and there is a story behind every blog post. Authenticity counts when connecting with readers. I recently wrote a blog post on being more transparent on the Desk of Katina Davenport while still giving actionable tips. I think more bloggers should start sharing relevant stories of overcoming obstacles and how their triumphs can help others in their niche.

Stories can make a great impact.

2. Simplify Your Information Consumption

Stop the consumption overload. There is no need to continue to collect a lot of information products without implementing the lessons.

Some people talk about analysis paralysis, but I was suffering from information paralysis last year. I kept thinking this free offer, or that webinar was going to be the key to the success I was searching for. I just ended up overwhelmed and confused. So, I stopped signing up and took a break from blogging. When I stopped all of the consumption, I began to formulate my own path to blogging success.

3. Find Your Own Path to Blogging Success

Only do what is right for your blogging business. If posting once on Facebook works for you instead of multiple times a day, then you should adopt that practice into your promotional strategy.

I am a strong believer in keeping things simple. Many of the tips bloggers write about work fine for them, but may not work for you.

4. Just Write

You can write and publish everyday if you want or not. Just be consistent.

5. You Will Find Your Own Income Stream

Don’t be discouraged by all of the income reports. They’ve found their thing. And you’re on the road to finding yours.

6. Passion and Knowledge is the Foundation

Your passion and knowledge is the key to discovering what you should write about. When I started my dance blog, I only started with 10 ideas. Those 10 ideas began to grow as I studied more about dance and health.

7. Learn While You Go

Learn while you blog. Never stop learning and never stop implementing what you’ve learned in the way that suits you. I’ve invested time and money into learning about subjects such as email marketing, affiliate marketing, and writing eBooks to name a few.

Some subjects took a lot of time to grasp while I found others to be easy. Sounds a bit like being in school again, right?

8. Write With Pen and Paper

Writing with pen and paper helps me tremendously when I am stuck trying to convey an idea. I feel more creative writing this way. Sometimes it takes me longer to complete a blog post when I write out my thoughts, but it helps.

Seems like everyone is sharing the same blogging tips.. Here are 8 blogging tips that are not really about blogging at all.


The Best 8 Blogging Tips That’s Not About Blogging at All

One thought on “The Best 8 Blogging Tips That’s Not About Blogging at All

  • May 8, 2017 at 8:33 pm

    Hi Katina. Excellent advice. I especially agree with writing with pen and paper. There is something about getting away from the keyboard that allows your ideas to just flow. I usually keep a notebook with me for when and idea pops into my head. When one does it usually fills an entire page that can then easily flesh out into a complete blog post once I get back to my computer.


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