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Blogging in the blogging niche can get very competitive. Traffic, ranking on Google and making income are huge factors for being successful in this niche. However, there are ways for bloggers in the blogging niche to boost their earnings while they are growing their blog.

You should already have the necessary tools in place to help send out content for social media, email list building tools, and a plan to market products in your blog posts or pages.

Boost your blogging about blogging income doing these three things.

1. Write an eBook

Writing an eBook is probably the fastest way to generate income from an information product that you create. There are benefits to writing an eBook on blogging. In particular, an area of blogging that you have expertise. Here are a few.

Anyone can start a blog or website and put up content. Probably the same content everyone else is publishing. However, everyone will not author a book and sell it for readers to buy. If you author a book and sell it on Amazon, for example, you can build more authority. This demonstrates that you are the expert.

One of the things I like about self-publishing is the ability to format a book in your own way. Did you know you can use the Amazon Kindle eBook to drive traffic to your blog?

I didn’t learn this on my own. I learned it from Dr. Will Moreland while watching a periscope broadcast. You can include a link to your blog at the beginning of your eBook, so when readers take a sneak peek inside of your book, your link will be towards the front instead of the rear. There is a greater chance that someone will click on the link to your blog or landing page to find out more about you.

Here is an example from an ebook about blogging. As you can see this author, Efron Hirsch, used the front part of the book to get people to sign up for his email list even before they have purchased the book. This is one of the bestselling books on Amazon about blogging. I am very sure the author is driving tons of traffic to his site.

Here is an example of how one author is using his Kindle eBook to drive traffic to his site

How one author is using amazon kindle to drive traffic to his site

Writing an eBook can be just another stream of income or you can build your blog around your eBooks and have an information business.

Requirements for Writing an eBook to Boost Income

If you want to write an eBook or several eBooks, you have to be able to put together a clear path of information that builds and instructs for your readers. You have to be concise in your wording. Everyone is talking about “no fluff” these days. People want straightforward and actionable material.

If creating an eBook is not for you then let’s take a look into creating a course.

2. Create a Course

Creating a course is an excellent way to share your knowledge and expertise visually. People get a chance to look over your shoulder as you use a tool that helps you in your business, as an example.

It seems everyone has a course these days whether free or paid. There are even entrepreneurs who are building businesses showing people how to make online courses for profit. But you must decide if creating a course is right for you.

I have never created a course, although I tried to at one time. It was disastrous. It is the reason I refer my readers to courses such as:

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

WordPress Academy

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

I prefer my readers take courses from people who are clear in their explanations and who can drive their point home. It takes too much practice for me to get the script right. I just end up frustrated. Honestly, teaching in public is my thing.

Requirements for Creating a Course in the Blogging Niche

Although I am no expert at creating a course, I can explain what I like and dislike when it comes to taking online courses.

One of the things I don’t like about some courses is the over sharing of proof. For example, I was on a webinar, which is like taking an online course for free. The instructor spent 30 minutes telling us how many millions of page views he’s able to get for free from his Fanpage. I signed up to hear how the guy was getting free traffic to his websites without ads. I got off the webinar knowing I wasted my time.

Don’t be that guy. You gotta get to the point. Share your results because I know credibility will get people to trust you so they can refer others to your course. Over-sharing is over hyping the message and unnecessary.

Another requirement is time and availability. You have to be available to answer questions when students have finished their lessons.

Now, I am going to move on to the last way to boost your income, affiliate marketing.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a stream of income that I love. It pays well when you choose the right product with a lucrative commission.

Mostly I love affiliate marketing because I never have to create a product. I am not adverse to selling other people’s products. I worked in retail at one time in my life. I understand the importance of commissions and upselling. To me, it is a no-brainer.

It is also easy to join affiliate networks and use those links inside of an eBook. I mentioned writing an eBook for the Amazon platform, but you can not use affiliate links inside those books. If you happen to write a low-cost eBook, then you can house the eBook on a digital store like Gumroad and include an affiliate link for extra income.

You can also do this inside of a free eBook to help pay for the cost and time for writing.

Requirements for Using Affiliate Marketing to Boost Income in the Blogging Niche

Creativity and a willingness to use your affiliate links is a big requirement. Don’t worry about being salesy on your blog posts. If there are relevant keywords on your blog, then you can link to products that have the same keywords.

You also need time and patience for affiliate marketing to work. It takes time to build up enough targeted traffic to start seeing clicks and purchases.


I hope this brief explanation of how you can make money in the competitive niche of blogging about blogging. Leave a comment or share this with a friend.

If you are in the blogging niche then this blog post is for you. Blogging about blogging is very competitive. You can boost your income doing key things while you are waiting for your blog to grow.
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The Top Three Ways Bloggers in the Blogging Niche Can Boost Their Income

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  • April 22, 2017 at 12:07 am

    I think a lot of new bloggers get scared off by affiliate marketing a little bit in the beginning, but it is definitely a great way to get an income boost, in many cases without even doing anything different than they’re already doing with their content.


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