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I wrote a post on using your existing blog posts to create eBooks. I introduced Gumroad and Etsy as solutions to creating a digital store. These are low cost methods to housing your eBook on your own platform. I like these two platforms because it doesn’t matter if you are blogging on or WordPress. You can use these sites to build a secure digital download store.

In today’s blog post, I will be focusing Gumroad.


I had my eBook uploaded to Gumroad in the past. And I will use their services again for my upcoming eBook.

Using this platform is very simple.

To start, click the “Start selling” button to sign up. You can choose to sign up with your email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Creating a digital store on Gumroad

Check out some of the benefits of creating an account with Gumroad.

Next, add your PDF to the site when it’s ready by clicking on Products, then “Add a product.” Afterwards, click on the “Digital product” box so you can start the upload process.

After you have clicked on the “Digital product” box you will be directed to choose if you want to “start selling your item today”, “create a monthly subscription fee,” or “pre-sell your item.” Since this is about selling eBooks you might want to select “Start selling today” or “Pre-sell.”

For this example I am going to choose the start selling today box and show you how easy it is to get things set up.

Name your product and give it a price.

Now it is time to choose a file and upload it to the system. You can choose files from your computer, existing files, or from Dropbox. Since I already had a couple of items on Gumroad I am going to choose existing files and continue to customize the product landing page by clicking on the blue button that says customize. It’s not pictured here, but it is towards the bottom of the screen when you scroll down.

Next, you will be able to customize the product page with a photo. I suggest you get a mockup of the eBook. Be sure to have someone design an eye catching cover eBook cover and cover photo for this product. Also, you will need to complete a detailed description about the book.


Once you’ve completed everything you will be able to publish and send out your product link to social media or wherever you want.

Write and sell your own eBook on your own platform using Gumroad
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How to Create Your Own Digital eBook Store Using Gumroad

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