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Are you blogging on a budget? All of the extra fees for running a blog as a business can get pricey if you chase after all of the shiny new objects. There’s tons of them out there especially when it comes to email marketing.

As a blogger, you might be desiring to start an email list to stay in contact with readers.

You might be wondering how you can find an email marketing system that will allow you to put your promotion on autopilot. I have just the solution and you can even try them for free.

Learn about email marketing software with GetResponse

Learn How to Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers

If you have ever been unsure about what email marketing system you should use to deliver bulk emails to your subscribers then you should give GetResponse a trial run for 30 days.

Honestly, the 30 day trial is one of the reasons I continue to use this system today. Also, their University helped me to get my first subscribers. I learned how to create a lead magnet, build email forms and place it on my WordPress blog. Also, there are so many actionable lessons that will literally help you get email subscribers if you do the work.

Subscribers are critical to getting traffic and making money with a blog. Here is why email marketing works. Let’s say you were able to get 2,000 subscribers. They have subscribed to your blog because they wanted your lead magnet and to stay connected with you. Your subscribers expect to hear about new blog posts and products that will help them. Although you will not get everyone to click on your email or links inside your email, you have a better chance of getting someone to click or buy if they already know you.

How Can GetResponse Help You Start Earning Money

Most of the advice online says that bloggers should start an email list if they want to monetize their content. If you haven’t begun an email list you are definitely leaving money on the table.

GetResponse released a new system that will allow you to send specific emails when a subscriber clicks on a link to your blog post or link to a product for example. If your subscriber opened the email and did not click on the link inside the email, you can remind them of all of the benefits of clicking on the link to increase opportunities to make sales.

My Experience With GetResponse

I recall the day I created my first landing page. I was super excited only to find out it looked different on mobile devices that it did on a desktop. I was able to speak with a representative via chat within 30 seconds. I consider this to be a bonus. It normally takes several minutes to speak to anyone in customer service with other companies if I had a problem. Needless to say the problem was fixed, but I noticed that I to manually convert the landing pages to mobile responsiveness instead of it happening automatically.

Recently, there have been some changes in the system as they have responded to many of their customer’s concerns. I know one of them has to deal with their landing page system. Now, you are able to drag and drop elements into its proper place when you view the mobile screen from your desktop.

While I praise the opportunity to create as many landing pages with my pricing plan I believe the landing page option still has some ways to go. But it is much better than it used to be.

What do you get?

  • Email forms
  • Pop-ups
  • Conversion bars for the top of your website
  • Scroll boxes
  • 100’s of templates to choose to use on your blog
  • Landing page creator
  • Newsletter
  • RSS Feed for anyone that subscribes to just receive blog updates
  • Survey creator
  • GetResponse university
  • 24 hour customer service support
  • Pro Plan Upgrades featuring marketing automation and unlimited webinar platform that seats 100 participants


I wholeheartedly recommend GetResponse as an email software provider because many of your email marketing needs are satisfied. It’s very easy to use and now very responsive on mobile devices.  Try them out for 30 days and go through the video lessons and be on your way to your first 1,000 subscribers.

Email list building for bloggers and business owners that are on a budget. I used GetResponse and this a review of the email software I use to build my email list.
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Review: How to Start Email List Building at an Affordable Price
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