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Making money with a blog is not as easy as it sounds. It can be frustrating if you are unsure about how to do it or what method to use.

To make money blogging you have to sell something.

This doesn’t mean you have to be overly promotional with suggesting products. However, you have to have a product to offer to your readers. Why not create your own eBook publishing business through the Amazon KDP program to start generating passive income for your blog?

I spoke to a business coach who discouraged me from writing eBooks unless I charge $47 for them and on my own platform. I will definitely get to that price point in the future. However, I believe Amazon Kindle publishing is the best way to create a stepping stone to passive income.

If you’re interested in learning how to become an author then take a look at the next section. You will find out how you learn how to become an Amazon Kindle Publisher.

Learn how to become a published author on Amazon.

Learn How to Become an Amazon Kindle Publisher

I stumbled across a course two years ago after seeking how to become an Amazon Kindle publisher. The course promised to help anyone start their publishing business without a website and without spending a lot of money on advertising. The instructor gives specific strategies on how to do it.

The key point is to create multiple books in your niche. This will entail writing books on your own or hiring professional ghost writers.

Honestly, you will not be able to have a sustainable income unless you author more than one eBook at a low price point.

How Does Amazon Kindle Publishing Work

The Amazon Kindle publishing platform is a free platform for authors to self-publish eBooks. It’s an amazing opportunity for writers to get their work seen.

This type of opportunity was never possible decades ago. If you wanted to publish a book you had to go through a literary agent and get signed to a publishing house.

Now, anyone can become an author.

This represents a great opportunity for bloggers as well to create their own products and establish a passive stream of income.

This course allows you to see real, honest results from the instructor’s earnings. It also shows you how you can automate the process if you choose and the best ways to write eBooks quickly.

If you have never written a book before this course shows you how to do so as well.

As a blogger, you should pay close attention to the section on how you can market your eBook on your blog. This is perfect for having a product to sell on your blog.

This course definitely answers the question on how to make money with a blog. Amazon Kindle eBook publishing is one method for monetizing your blog.  I would highly recommend this course to help guide you through the process of eBook creation to monetize your blog.

How Has This Course Helped Me

I released two books on Amazon Kindle to monetize my dance blog and to monetize the Desk of Katina Davenport. I had no clue as to what I was doing.

I remember listening to a young creative entrepreneur who decided writing Kindle eBooks was the way to make money from home. She quit her job, wrote three eBooks on her own, and hired ghostwriters to assist her with other publishings.

I loved hearing her story. She found a course, followed the steps, and is traveling the world living off of her Amazon publishing earnings.

When I stumbled across this course I felt very encouraged to write as many eBooks as possible to help my readers on this blog.

I’m no longer discouraged because I have a system in place to help me create eBooks faster as I plan to write majority of my own eBooks. I love writing, so it is a win, win for me.

I learned how to properly brainstorm eBook ideas. I am armed with future eBooks.

I have a marketing strategy and will be ready to let everyone know about my eBooks.

I feel very confident about creating a sustainable income with my own information products; and want to pass this information on to you.

Start Monetizing Your Blog

Are you ready to learn how to create a sustainable publishing business with your blog as a stream of passive income? You can certainly learn how to do it with Amazon Kindle eBook Publishing: How to succeed on Kindle.

How to make money blogging by writing Amazon Kindle eBooks. Start passive income with your blog by publishing Kindle eBooks.
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Review: How to Make Money Writing Amazon Kindle eBooks
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