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Does the world need another book about blogging?



Ninety-seven percent of blogs are owned by women and majority of them are not making money from blogging. So, this means these bloggers are not earning extra money while staying home with the children or being a stay at home mom becomes less affordable.

Although the majority of bloggers are women, men are also experiencing slow income growth while trying to blog.

When you become a blogger to make money, you become an entrepreneur. You choose a niche, something that all business owners do. You decide who you want to target which is marketing 101. You pick what product or products you want to sell, write blog posts and drive traffic to your site. Lastly, you try to get repeat readers and customers through capturing emails.

These are the skills that some of the best online marketing experts possess.

Truthfully, these are skills that need to be developed to master. It takes many bloggers a couple of years to get into the flow of running a business. I believe treating your blog as if it were a business will be extremely helpful in overcoming many of the obstacles new bloggers are facing.

Bloggers in Desperate Need of Income

I encountered a woman who messaged me about helping her make money with her blog. I could feel the desperation through her words as she explained her dire need for income. Her husband wasn’t making enough money, and she feared leaving her children to go to work.

What is the quickest way to make money through blogging? The direction she was headed didn’t seem that great as I checked over her blog. There were tons of pop-up ads on her blog even though she was writing good content.

Once the conversation ended, I felt horrible because so many bloggers have the same questions. They have doubts mixed with belief. They see the entrepreneurial potential being a blogger but have not figured out how to make money in 30 days.

I want to see the blogger who inboxed me with questions make enough money to feed her family. I want to see every blogger create the income of their dreams. So, I wrote a book to help bloggers move forward.

Why I Wrote the eBook

I wrote the eBook as a message to the many people have a desire to use the internet to make money with blogging. And who has the basic skills to write and share links. However, they need to know the first things they should be doing to make blogging successful.

I am planning to release the eBook in the very near future on Amazon to reach those who may not find my blog. I want to help those who are looking for answers in books rather than fishing through the sea of blog posts.

Sometimes, searching online can be overwhelming. And everything on page one of Google won’t give a complete answer. A book should be able to answer questions about blogging.

I will also release the eBook on Smashwords and my digital store.

The Mission of the eBook

My mission for writing this eBook is to encourage the validity of blogging, show where to start implement and build. That is what this book is supposed to show. It will give new bloggers or people who have a desire to start a blog, a true point of reference on where to begin.

Make sure you stay tuned to the blog for launch dates and freebies.


Oh no! Not Another eBook About Blogging
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