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Pinterest scheduler to help you save time and drive traffic to your blog posts.

I tried 3 different schedulers for Pinterest.

The first one did not offer quality pins to re-pin. It was a totally free scheduler and not very popular.

Another scheduler was a little difficult to figure out. It didn’t offer specific scheduling times. I felt I needed more from this tool.

After one year of using my favorite Pinterest scheduler I have been able to boost my traffic. It remains one of my top referrers to my blog.

If you’re searching for a way to gain free traffic while promoting your blog, then take a look at the next section to see how Tailwind can help boost your traffic.

Pinning Regularly on Pinterest

Pinning regularly during optimal times is the key to keeping your Pinterest followers engaged. It is also the key to having Pinterest show your Pins first.

I couldn’t Pin regularly without a tool to help me do it.

One of the reasons why I use Tailwind is to know what times I should Pin.

Take a look at the image below.

This is a snapshot of the time slots that are best for me to Pin. The times in green shows which times my followers are online and when I am likely to receive the most engagement on my Pins.

This includes saves, likes, and clicks to my blog posts.

I could add more times to schedule on this day. However, I am already at 82 Pins and I don’t want to overwhelm myself with scheduling for the day.

Example of optimal times to schedule pins on Pinterest.

Results of Consistently Pinning on Pinterest at Optimal Times

The results of me pinning regularly on Pinterest at suggested times I’ve been using Tailwind for almost a year. I have seen a significant difference in traffic from Pinterest when I consistently use it to send out Pins to my boards as opposed to when I was less consistent.

My monthly account views are increasing. I don’t think I have ever had 23,100 account views since using Pinterest.

Getting Started With Tailwind

When you begin using Tailwind you will not see limited time slots available. The reason this happens is because the system hasn’t had a chance to analyze your account and discover the best times for Pinning. I started to see an increase in time slots within a week, and more within 30 days.

The best times will often change so make sure you stay aware of those changes and choose the best times. You will know when time slots turn grey.

The Downside of Using Tailwind

I can’t really say this is a downside. However, it will take commitment to schedule Pins. I usually spend a couple of hours on a Sunday scheduling otherwise I would end up setting up my Pinterest scheduler every day. That is not optimal for me.

Other Things I like About Tailwind

  • I am able to know I well the Pins from my domain are performing. It seems the more I Pin from my domain the better.
  • I know my best performing Pins which can give me other ideas on content I can write specifically to do well on Pinterest.
  • I can easily reschedule Pins without going to my blog.
  • I like the similar content feature that allows me to save Pins from other bloggers in my niche.


I highly recommend Tailwind as a Pin scheduler just for the smart scheduling.

The Tailwind app Pinterest scheduler is the best scheduler to help you with your Pinterest marketing. I especially like the smart scheduling feature. Take a look at how you will know which times are best to schedule Pins.
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Review: How to Discover The Best Times to Pin on Pinterest with Tailwind
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