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I almost shut down my Facebook page for my blog.

I joined Facebook in 2005, just after the site began accepting members from the University of Michigan. Their acceptance included all campuses. I was a part of the Dearborn campus.


I have grown with Facebook. I witnessed all the changes. It went from a college only site to connecting the entire world.

I used to believe I was a Facebook master. I know how to share posts, add links, and stay connected with everyone. So, when Fanpages became a staple in business dealings on Facebook, I thought I had it covered.

I was so wrong.

If you could only hear the crickets when I posted something about my blog.

I’ve had many pages over the years, one for my dance blog, a t-shirt business, and now I am on my second page for the Desk of Katina Davenport.

I was so close to calling it quits with Facebook.

I didn’t know what to post. I definitely was not getting the reach I needed.

I don’t have a monthly budget for Facebook ads and yes I’ve been scared to death at the thought of setting a budget for Facebook ads.

It took me years to understand that Facebook is not a place where everyone wants to hear about your blog post (unless you are in Facebook groups). It is the premiere social place.

I began to think if I can start off with just one eye catching post a day then maybe I can give Facebook one more shot. If people show they are interested in what I am posting then I will stay. 

Creating Engaging Social Media Images

Using engaging social media images is part of my strategy for driving people to my page. These images will either be personal or images that convey a message with text overlay.

One of the things I have always wanted to do is to join in the conversation of all the National Days. Some of them are pretty fun and I think it would be a great idea to participate on my page. In order to do so I would need to have days and ideas at my finger tips. Other image creation tools don’t offer this option, PromoRepublic does.

What is PromoRepublic?

PromoRepublic is an image creation and automatic posting tool with 6,000 templates and post ideas.

This is not a tool to use for creating Pins for Pinterest. There are other photo editing and image tools for this. However, you can use it for posting to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

I like this tool because the templates are professional and engaging. All you have to do it add your own text or photos (if you choose).

Creating social media posts is faster. It saves a ton of time. I am never without ideas. Even inspirational quotes are provided in a template.

I Will Never Be Late for the Party Again

I was sad when I missed National Doughnut Day. Why? I like them…well the plain ones. I wanted to start a conversation about this day because it is one of my guilty pleasures. I saw it was National Doughnut day but I couldn’t create a post about it. I didn’t have time and I wasn’t prepared.

PromoRepublic comes with a built in content calendar that lets you know about the unique National Days and celebrations from around the world. Now my blog can continue the conversation on my page.

Example of Father’s Day content:

There were so many great post ideas for Father’s Day.

You can pick a niche and discover curated articles and post ideas that take no time to create. Take a look at these examples of templates in various niches.



There you have it! Signup to create some amazing images for social media free for 14 days.
Enjoy 6000+ visual post ideas for your social media accounts!

There are affiliate links in the post. If you should purchase I will receive a commission.

Create social media images using PromoRepublic. See why I love this social media creation tool and the type of images you can create.
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Review: How One Image Creation Tool is Saving My Facebook Page
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