My views on Pinterest doubled in 90 days.

I must admit I am a little slower and careful when it comes to promoting my blog on Pinterest. Why? I only have enough time to schedule up to 30 pins everyday. Half of the pins are from other bloggers.

I tried to schedule 90 pins everyday. However, I quickly discovered how impossible it is to keep up with this type of scheduling.

I also like to click through many of the pins from other bloggers. I read a couple of lines all the way through the end of the post to make sure it is a quality article. I never want to mistakenly lead someone to a spammy site.

But, I was struggling with Pinterest like so many other bloggers.

My Struggle With Pinterest

I’ve been doing many of the Pinterest things since 2012. Each time the platform changed, I changed along with them.

When I switched from an eBay product promotion account to my blogger account I noticed the switch in the algorithms. It’s now called a smartfeed.

I started studying how to use scheduling tools for Pinterest. I thought I was doing well with the advice from the blog posts, webinars, and free courses.

And, I didn’t know I was struggling with Pinterest until I took this Pinterest course.

I don’t have 10,000 followers. In fact, I’ve been struggling to get over 3,000 followers for almost a year.

Here is a snapshot of my results


What I’m Doing Differently On Pinterest

The first thing I am doing differently is studying and following the amazing advice from the Pinterest course I took recently. I was so inspired by seeing the results from the instructor. She’s garnering over 7 million Pinterest views to her blog. I can’t even imagine what that translates to in terms of traffic and sales.

I started adding more of my own boards and group boards. It is always a good idea to have many boards for pinning.

I was excited that one of my pins reached Tailwind on Pinterest. They re-pinned my pin and I re-pinned it again from their account. I’m also doing this when I discover someone has re-pinned something from my boards. It’s easy to do as I have plenty of notifications on my phone every day.

I also create new pins weekly. I switched up the fonts and text overlay. This has helped me discover what Pinners are attracted to. I only wish I started doing this sooner.

Lastly, I am now using two scheduling tools for Pinterest. I use one tool to schedule pins at an intervals when people actually interact with my pins. The other scheduling tool allows me to schedule campaigns where I am consistently promoting one pin that leads into an opt-in or important blog post.


With even more consistency I am hoping to achieve the type of results this Pinterest course creator was able to achieve.

For more information on how you can do better with Pinterest click on this link to see the amazing results you can achieve.

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Have you been struggling with Pinterest as a blogger? Maybe you have tried and haven't been successful. I thought I was doing well but I quickly realized that what I was doing wasn't working. I found what is working with Pinterest and this is how I doubled my views in 90 days.
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How My Pinterest Views Doubled in 90 Days

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