The Number One Reason You Aren't Making Money From Your Blog - Desk of Katina Davenport

Are you blogging to make money?

Are you doing everything you possibly can to make money blogging?

Let’s run down a checklist:

  • You have a solid niche.
  • You know what your ideal reader is searching for.
  • You own your blog.
  • You write useful content.
  • You are driving traffic using social media.
  • You are offering affiliate products or created your own product that answers a need.

But you still are not seeing desired results.

If you want to make money blogging you need the right traffic. The right traffic comes from building your audience. This short blog post reveals the only thing you need to blog and make money

I have said this on previous blog posts, when you start monetizing your blog you have just stepped in to an entrepreneurial/small business space.

The one thing business owners need are people who are interested in their products or services. Therefore businesses need leads.

Typically, a business will understand their target market. They understand the needs of their ideal customer. Also, businesses know in order to continue to retain their customers they need to stay in constant communication.

Leads are subscribers in blogger terms.

So….it is time for a mindset shift when it comes to blogging. You are a business.

I can tell you how to start your blog and I do so in my book The Big Business of Blogging. 

If you are seeing other bloggers say they are making a ton of money from blogging, then they are taking the time to grow their email subscribers.

These are the types of blogs that make money. They understand the priority of getting interested readers on their email list and converting them into customers.

No matter how many times you are pinning on Pinterest or interacting with Facebook groups to drive traffic to your blog you will be extremely frustrated.

I had to have a mindset shift in order to make blogging work for me.

I want to help you grow as a blogger. I want to help you build your audience and grow your traffic. If you would like to learn more about getting targeted traffic to your blog I have a video training that will help you with the steps. For immediate access click on the button below.

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The Number One Reason You Aren’t Making Money From Your Blog

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