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If you are blogging and haven’t made money with your blog yet, now is the perfect time to start monetizing your site.

You can make money with your blog without Adsense starting today.

It is time to capitalize on the busiest shopping season of the year.

In this post, I am going to share with you some content strategies. These are strategies that will give you ideas on creating money generating content. I will also share the best strategy for promoting your posts to make sales.

Make money from your blog using affiliate marketing. Here is how you can capitalize during the last few months of the year.

How to Make Money With Your Blog, Fill Your Content Calendar

Are you filling your content calendar with blog post ideas weekly or monthly? How many times are you posting per week or month?

Your content calendar should include money making content starting now all the way through February. October through December will be the greatest months for money making blog posts.

How to Make Money With Your Blog Using Seasonal Content

Seasonal content includes posts about:

  • Back to school
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving/Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas
  • New Years
  • Valentines Day

My affiliate income from Amazon increases during this time because people are ready to buy. This is prime time for making money with your blog.

This has been happening naturally for me for years.

However, after taking an Amazon affiliate masterclass I know sales and income will increase as a result from simple affiliate marketing strategies that don’t involve emailing your list.

Would you like to know what masterclass is increasing clicks and sales from Amazon even now? Take a peek at the Amazon Affiliate Masterclass.

Blog Posts Ideas to Make Money With Your Blog

The easiest way to start making money with your blog during the Holiday shopping season is to create a round up of favorite items surrounding specific Holidays.

For example, if you are mom blogger you could create a round up of toys you are considering buying your toddler for Christmas. You could also rate and review all of the toys you bought for your toddler last year. Take pictures of the toys. Explain if the toys lasted through the year or if your toddler still enjoys the toys.

Other posts you can consider:

  • Where to find the hotest toys for less online?
  • How to get cash back buying Christmas gifts for your family?
  • Holiday shopping guides.
  • Tech tutorials on how to use certain gifts.
  • Where to find age appropriate Halloween items.
  • How to create Halloween costumes of your child’s favorite superhero characters.

The list could go on.

If you need help with any blog post ideas for this season leave a comment and I will be happy to answer. Just make sure you either sign up to receive emails when there is a reply or come back to this blog post to check for updates.

Make money from your blog during the holiday season by becoming an Amazon associate. Even if you are in the blogging niche you can still capitalize on the upcoming shopping season.

Tips on Getting the Best Results Using Amazon Affiliate Links

You can get more sales by using all of the available, free affiliate tools from Amazon. I’ve read blog posts that suggest to not use the new Amazon Native Ad feature. However, seeing suggested or recommended items based on a keywords related to the post at the end could greatly increase your sales if a link wasn’t clicked.

You also need strong, yet creative call to actions in order to make sales. You must be willing to put the suggested items out there because if no one knows what items are available then you could be missing out on income.

It’s all about converting readers into customers.

How to Make Money With Your Blog During the Holidays if You’re in the Digital Marketing Space

Here at the Desk of Katina Davenport, I blog about online marketing. That means I spend majority of blogging hours writing about blogging and social media marketing.

I signed up to be an Amazon Associate when I started my dance blog. I wanted to sale dance wear, books, and health related items.

I’ve managed to keep my account in active status by generating sales from useful information.

Although it seems like being an Amazon Associate wouldn’t work for bloggers in this niche, it is still beneficial to suggest items. You just have to get creative.

For example, you could share your tips on how to use Instagram during the Holidays to make more sales and lead into offering accessories for photography to enhance photos like this native ad.

You could share tips on taking vacation with your family while keeping your blog running. The keyword would be vacation. You could share your favorite camera and link to it.

Bloggers in online marketing niche tend to think more along the lines of eBooks and e-courses. But that’s not all you can offer from Amazon during the Holidays or throughout the year. You just need a different angle in order to recommend products.

Pinterest Marketing Will Be Your Friend

I’ve heard a couple of bloggers expressing how they are not doing well with Pinterest. If you are creating blog post with Amazon affiliate links then you should be promoting your content on Pinterest.

The Holiday season is the perfect time to be on Pinterest. Users are looking for gift ideas, recipes, and crafts appropriate for this time.

If Pinterest hasn’t worked for you in the past. You’re probably following all of the advice available online, which only gives limited details. You need real strategies that work. My Pinterest pageviews began to double after I followed the advice of this mom blogger.

Take a sneak peak at her 7 million Pinterest page views results and how she did it. There is nothing like this being shared online for free.


Now is the best time to make money blogging. Readers are ready to buy.

There are affiliate links in this post. If you should purchase I will receive a commission.

Make money with your blog during Back to School, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Years, and Valentines Day. It is time to get your blog posts ready to feature Amazon affiliate products.
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How to Make Money With Your Blog During the Holiday Shopping Season

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