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Blogger's toolkit that will help you find products and services you need to become a successful blogger.

Blogging Products and Services Bloggers Need

So you have a blog all set up. You have your computer or laptop. You have your blog topic. Now you are ready to get started.

Along the way you discover blogging products and services you might to be effective or get traffic to your blog.

Blogger’s Toolkit-Instagram

Let’s use Instagram as an example. A lot of bloggers that write about visual items such as fashion, beauty, or recipes might find a portable photo studio light box beneficial for taking professional photos of items.

Even a blogger like me, who blogs about online marketing can use props, accents, and accessories to create editorial looks that will attract Instagram users to click on the link in the bio. These items can be used to create feminine desktop styles or just great flat lay looks for Instagram. Search for what you want.

Of course, if you don’t have your own photos for social media, even Instagram, then you can purchase on trend photos from Creative Market.

Instagram is only part of the equation. All of your social media accounts should be attractive which can lead to more subscribers.

It takes consistency and planning to achieve great results.

There is a tool called Tailwind that can schedule posts to Instagram. Tailwind for Instagram just came about in the last year or so.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


It will also automate pinning on Pinterest. You should always be ready to keep your content in front of your audience even while you are sleeping. There will be people who are online at 2:00 am. Don’t miss an opportunity for visibility and traffic. Start using the scheduler for free and see the difference Tailwind can make for Instagram and/or Pinterest.

Blogger’s Toolkit-Pinterest Marketing

Speaking of Pinterest…the site is no longer classified as a social media platform. It is considered to be an image search engine. Pinterest is driven by keywords in pin descriptions, profiles, text overlay and on boards. You are encouraged to pin your content and other people’s content on to your boards and group boards that you join.

There is so much information available online about the latest tips to get more followers and traffic. However, the secret is in the great courses that are teaching others how to be successful on this site.

My Pinterest account views started to double when I began to follow the strategies in this Pinterest course. By the way, the strategies are so valuable the price tag is way lower than most courses and produces more results.

Blogger’s Toolkit- Facebook and Twitter Marketing

You also might discover the need to learn more about platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Everything can seem so overwhelming because getting results from these sites can be a little tricky.

The bottom line is that you have to know what works well on each platform.

For example, social videos works well on Facebook. Photos on Twitter get re-tweeted 150% more than regular text Tweets. Videos that are 15 seconds tend to get more views on Twitter.

Many bloggers tend to believe that Twitter does not work to give traffic. I’ve seen tons of articles saying that Twitter marketing is dead. I disagree. I have learned so much from reading this book on Twitter. The strategies were easy and actionable. I saw a faster increase in traffic and followers from following the steps in these books.

Blogger’s Toolkit-Email Marketing

While building your audience on social media and Pinterest should be commended, how many of them are on your email list? Your audience only becomes your audience when you have their email address and can send them emails. The ultimate thing you must do as a blogger is build your email list. Most businesses use email to stay in contact with visitors interested in their products and services. Take a que from them.

You can stay in contact with your visitors through signing up with an email marketing service. There are several services available but I chose to go with a company who showed me what it takes to get 1,000 subscribers in 90 days in their free course. I received 30 days of free and you can actually use the platform for free if you sign up friends. Find out more about this email marketing service here.

More resources and tools can be found on this post: 80+ Resources and Tools to Help You Become a Full-Time Blogger. 

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Blogger's toolkit. Blogging products that every blogger needs. Once you start a blog you may find you need other blogging tools and resources to assist with your blogging efforts. See the products you need to get your social media right.
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