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Profitable Email Marketing for Bloggers

This page is all about profitable email marketing for bloggers. Email marketing is essential to blogging success. It is the one way to truly build an audience of loyal fans. Yes, you will be driving traffic to specific blog posts to promote to new readers on social media. However, you should be converting those readers into customers or email subscribers.

Here is how you can be successful with email marketing and be profitable.

Profitable email marketing for bloggers

Profitable Email Marketing Starts With a Targeted Lead Magnet

Is your lead magnet appropriate for your readers? Take a look at the lead magnet you’re currently using. Is it the best options for your type of subscribers? Is the topic of interest to them? Is it up to date? I mentioned up to date because if you’re offering information as your lead magnet you want to make sure you are providing the best information as information can change over time. So if you’re offering a lead magnet on social media be sure to are giving the latest social media tips.

If you discover that it is not as good as it could be then it is time to go back to the drawing board. Think about all of the questions surrounding this lead magnet. For instance, let’s look at social media if your blog is about digital marketing. Think about answering the most important questions about marketing on social media. Be as detailed  as possible.

Once you have a lead magnet you your readers would love it is time to think of ways to pay yourself for giving away free information. The first. welcome email is the most important email. Subscribers will open this one the most. So why not offer a low cost product that is closely related to your lead magnet. The product could be your own or a low cost affiliate product. The product could be from $7 to $100 depending on your audience.

3 Ways to Pay Yourself

  1. You can pay yourself by including a link directly in the lead magnet if it is a PDF.
  2.  You can also offer it in the first email.
  3.  If you have a recorded webinar, then you can make a call to action in the your video to a link where viewers can purchase the product.

Remember, your lead magnet can be very profitable because you have your subscribers’ full attention. They just signed up and is very interested in your content. Don’t feel awkward about taking the time to include a link to a product with your lead magnet. No better time to get in front of them with a good offer.

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Jazz Up Your Welcome Email

I previously mentioned how the welcome email is the most opened and read email.  Yet, the welcome email is often one of the most boring, and most neglected piece of your entire email funnel. I should know because my business coach told me that saying “thank you for subscribing” and “saying here is your content” was not enough.

Yikes! That was an eye opener for me.

If you already have a lead magnet and a welcome email it might be time to do an audit if you’re not making sales.

First, think about your target audience and what attracted them to sign up to your email list. After thinking about what made them sign up to your email list then think about a paid product that will get them to the next step. Now you should think about what your email should do for you:

  • Deliver your lead magnet
  • Warmly invite your readers to engage with your content.
  • Make an offer and profit.

Keeping that in mind, don’t rush the process. Your first email has a lot of profit potential. Write it, edit it, and tweak it until you’re happy. I’ve learned to not mention the product directly. I mention the product indirectly by sharing how the product can benefit their bottom line.

Always track your clicks to see how well it is performing and if you need to make changes to the call to action. If changing your call to action doesn’t work go back and find a different offer to see if that will convert.

Your Thank You Page Could Be Your Money Maker Page

Let’s talk about your “Thank You” page. This is a biggie! Most bloggers don’t recognize the Thank Your page as prime real estate to get more sales. If you haven’t taken the steps to use this page as a way to promote your paid offer then it is time to get started.

I can almost guarantee you are thinking this is a good idea put I am not sure how to do it.

Well, the goal of your Thank You Page is two-fold. Of course, you want to thank readers for signing up and encourage them to confirm their signup if you have a double opt-in. And it is a transition into making sure you present them with an offer before they take a look at their email. Don’t let them leave until you have made your offer. Here is how to do it.

Start with a simple phrase that will alert them there is more like “before you go…”, then move into your offer. Keep it concise. Make sure your product choice is closely related to your free offer. Your conversion rates will go way up if you can make it an offer that’s too good to pass up. Don’t be afraid to offer a lot of value for very little money. Your goal is not just to make a little money, but to train your subscribers to buy from you.

Do you know where to find products to sale? Here are a few places where you can start searching for amazing products to offer your list.

  • JVzoo.
  • Raktueken
  • Share-a-sale
  • Skimlinks

I’m not going to lie, getting that first sale, no matter how small is the hard part. Once you have a customer, then you have a customer for life. Most customers do become return customers. How many times have you gone to Target after buying from them once?

Do you see what I mean?

You will get a bonus if you can get product creators to allow you to offer a deal to your subscribers. It has to be a one-time offer. Capitalize on this method to generate more sales.

So take a look at your Thank You Page. Make the necessary changes to make sales. Do that and you’ll be well on your way to building a highly profitable list of buyers who are ready to take you up on offers again and again over the coming months.

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Make Bigger Profits from Auditing Your Email Marketing Autoresponder

Before I get into the heart of this section I want to make sure you have a reliable autoresponder email marketing system. Sure there are several email marketing service providers available. However, choosing the right one comes down to price, training, and automated marketing systems. I use a service called GetResponse. It’s far from what everyone is telling bloggers they have to use in order to be successful. I like and I loved the relevant training that helped me build my email list. Check out what they have to offer.

Autoresponder emails are the messages that go out to your readers after they sign up for your list. So let’s say someone signed up for your lead magnet. They will receive an email immediately with all of the details on how to access your free offer and paid offer. Every email after that can be st to go out the initial email. This is great because you can create a series of emails of evergreen content in addition to your newsletter.

Now, if you already have a series of email set in your autoresponder after receiving a new subscriber, it is time to take a deeper look to make sure you’re getting the most from it.

Are your links working?

This is major. How many times have you receive an email that corrects a previous email after the sender realized the links weren’t working? It’s happened to me because I didn’t check. So make sure you make sure the links are working and all of the information is correct.

Email marketing for bloggers

Is your content useful and helpful?

While you’re auditing  your messages, think about the usefulness of your content. Information changes over time and we get better over time with sharing relevant content. If you find situations where you can update your emails, take the time to update those evergreen emails.

Can you write it better?

Can you share a new story? Can you offer a new experience or take away? Can you offer a new, relevant topic to include in your autoresponder series? If you feel like more can be done then start planning out new information to include in your email series. The goal is to offer value while monetizing your subscriber list. When subscribers receive valuable information they will begin to gain more trust and that leads to more sales.

Can you offer a better paid product?

Look at the offers you are making. Are people clicking on them? Are you making any sales? If not switch up your offers until you find the best one.

Test and Tweak Messages Regularly

Schedule to review your autoresponder messages regularly. You want to check links to make sure they are still working every few months, and of course make sure you’re sharing informative, helpful content.

Now you want to start getting more emails into your autoresponder series so you will always have content going out to your subscribers.

Here’s what you should do.

Make a Plan

Make a plan to create regular outgoing messages to your subscribers. Things become easier when you make a plan. Figure out what you want to send to your list. Research useful information and products that will assist them in the future. Make a list of possible topics and products just as you would with a blog post.

Make A Schedule Inside Your Autoresponder

Once you have that list, you should decide how often you want to send out those emails. At the very beginning of your autoresponder sequence, when your readers are warm to your emails it is appropriate to schedule your emails just a day or two apart. Over time you want to start extending that time period to one or two messages per week. This is particularly true if you’re also sending broadcast emails with time sensitive content or something like a weekly newsletter.

See how I am able to schedule emails through the email marketing system I use.

Write The Emails

Once you have the topics it is time to actually write the emails. I know this could be a daunting task since you are already writing blog posts. How you do this is up to you. You may prefer to write their autoresponder messages in batches, taking an entire day (or weekend), writing enough emails to last for the next few months. You may want to write them once a week and put that on their schedule. In either case I recommend you do what you can to make sure you’re always several weeks ahead of your subscribers. Otherwise, you could accidentally neglect your list.

Plan Emails Far Into the Future

Planning emails for the future means creating reminders for yourself to plan batches of emails and ideas. Always keep in mind holidays and any special deals affiliates are planning. For example, Siteground self-hosting company has deals every so often.

Keep planning, keep writing, and keep adding more and more emails to your autoresponder. As your list continues to grow, so will your income from those emails.

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4 Ways To Add Links Your Emails

Email marketing is all about making money from the emails you send to your subscribers. Before that can happen, you have to add links for paid offers into your messages–affiliate or your own products. No matter what you decide to promote, you have to work those links into your various email messages that go out to your subscribers.

Here are four different ways to in links to your emails. Which method you chose depends on what you’re promoting and on your niche. Some niches and their target audiences respond much better to softer sales methods such as bloggers. Pick and choose what works best for your audience.

1. Link To Blog Posts That Discuss A Product

One of the easiest ways to “soft sell” a product is to link to a blog post where you discuss the product. For example, you could link in your emails to a blog post where you review the product. Doing this will also give you more traffic back to your blog.

2. Casually Mention A Product In Your Email and Link to It

I like to use this method a lot. I have casually mentioned a Pinterest course that has helped me by mentioning my success in the emails. I’ve also used the success of the course creator to mention the course.

3. Include An Offer With A Strong Call To Action

If you want to make a stronger offer, include a call to action in your email. Using the Pinterest example, just as the above section, write your email about the topic and then end it with a message that asks readers to click through and sign up for the Pinterest course. You can include the CTA at the end of your email, or anywhere within the main body of your email. Consider reminding them to click through and buy in the P.S. of your email.

4. “Sponsored By” Messages In Your Newsletters

If you are publishing a weekly or monthly email newsletter, you can make an offer for one of your own products or affiliate product and call it a “sponsored by” message. For example, your weekly marketing newsletter could be sponsored by the Pinterest course. This could be a simple note somewhere in your newsletter, or a small advertisement in each issue. It’s another way to include a sales message without coming off as too pushy.

Test All Opt-in Forms and Landing Pages

How do you know if your opt-in forms and pages are working? This may sound a bit harsh, but if you’re not testing your opt-in forms, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Let’s start by talking about why this holds true and then I’ll give you a quick rundown of how you can get started with testing. Ready? Let’s roll.

How You Can Benefit From Testing

Testing your opt-in forms and pages allows you to improve your conversion rate. So if your form or landing page is converting 10% of visitors to your site, some testing and tracking may allow you to make simple changes that result in a 20% conversion rate. That means your list will grow twice as fast. This is a bonus when you are trying to make money blogging.

Yes, you will grow your list twice as fast according to the above example. It also means that twice as many subscribers who encounters your paid offers are likely to buy at some point.

Improving your conversion rate means you will work less and not more to get people to subscribe to your email list and make money.

This is a huge benefit. I always want to work smarter and not harder. With three children I need all of the help on conversions as possible.

How To Get Started Testing Your Forms and Pages

Do you see how important it is to build your email list? Now that you understand the importance of getting subscribers and testing it is time to learn how to start. It’s not complicated.

The email marketing service provider you use wants you to succeed and grow a huge list. That’s because the more subscribers you have the more they can charge you. That is how the company makes their money. They will do whatever it takes to help you grow your list. GetResponse offers their customers 30 days free and detailed training to help you build your list. This includes learning more about testing and tracking.

Regardless of what service you use, there will be features available for testing and tracking. In GetResponse for example, it is very easy to make a copy of an opt-in form or page and then set up a split test that compares one version to another. They have 24 hour live chat available, documentation, and files to help you test and track forms and landing page.

Start testing and paying attention to conversion rates. Do what you can to improve and build your lists faster. It will have a big impact in how quickly your online business grows and how profitable it will be.

What is your autoresponder stats telling you?

Here comes the boring part unless you actually love to read facts, stats, and figures. It may seem less exciting than getting actual subscribers. However, your email marketing auto respoder stats will reveal an interesting about what’s working and what is not. You may not want to check your stats often but ignoring them could be a costly business mistake.

Let’s look at a few different examples of how reading your autoresponder stats can help you make smart decisions and improve your bottom line. I hope running through these scenarios will inspire you to dig into your own stats and discover the stories the numbers tell you.

Tracking Your Signup Form and Landing Page Will Tell You What’s Working And What Isn’t

First, take a look at the conversion rates on your various sign up forms. If you have two pages set up you should be sending traffic to both. You can use Facebook to send traffic to one of your sign-up pages and include another one in a blog post. You might want to include one of the landing pages inside of of a guest blog post.  By looking at the stats, you’ll be able to tell which page is more effective. After a little time, you’ll find out which traffic is creating more conversions–Facebook or writing more guest blog posts. That will help you make smarter decisions on where to spend your time and efforts.

Learn what your readers want from split testing

Here is something else you can learn from setting up split tests. Let’s say you’re wondering if your target audience is more interested in Pinterest or Facebook. You can create a short little lead magnet for both and set up a split test that shows one half of your blog readers an opt-in form that offers a checklist about Pinterest and the other that offers a PDF about Facebook. After a short time you’ll have a pretty good idea of what lead magnet generates more subscribers. From that you’ll know what topic your audience is more interested in.

Click Through and Unsubscribe are Great Storytellers

I love click throughs. Unsubcribes are not my favorite thing in the world, but it deserves attention. The click throughs and unsubscribes are a strong indicator of what your readers enjoy or don’t enjoy. If you notice a lot of clicks for a particular product or blog post in one of your emails, that’s a pretty strong indicator that this is something your readers are very interested in. If on the other hand, you see a higher than usual unsubscribe rate after an email, you know the opposite is true. Last but not least, pay attention to open rates from headlines that work for you. See if you can figure out if it was the style of headline, the topic, or something else and then try to repeat it.

Paying close attention to your stats will make you a better email marketer.   

Many bloggers can make money with email marketing.

Improve Your Subject Lines and CTA

As a blogger there is one skill you should develop along the way while you are learning about blogging, it is copywriting. It’s not just about writing long sales pages and even if you’re hiring that out to a professional copywriter, you can still greatly benefit from paying attention to copy and getting better at it. Here’s why.

In order to make money from your emails people have to open your emails. It’s no longer a given that your subscribers will open your emails and read them. Instead, you have to earn that open. You have to get them to open and click on those links that lead to products.

Don’t believe me? You can either take a look at the open rate stats for your emails, or just look at your own email inbox. How many unopened emails from others do you have in there right now? I have a lot of unopened emails. But there is one person’s email I enjoy opening even though I’ve already purchased 3 products. His emails educate and entertain. I always look forward to them. Truthfully, I long to be that great with my emails.

You should a good idea of how to earn an email open. And the way you earn it is by writing interesting subject lines.

That one marketer I referred to earlier has great subject lines.

You can also earn open rates by developing a good relationship with your readers so they look for your emails and are ready to open them.

Either way better copywriting skills is super helpful. They will help you craft subject lines that will make even a casual subscriber open and read your emails. And once they open your email you have a chance to build a deeper relationship, using your copywriting skills to communicate well with your audience.

Now, once you get your subscribers to open your email and start reading it, you have to get them to click on your offers to get a chance at making a sale. You have to make a good offer and more importantly, write a strong Call To Action.

Here’s an example of a simple call to action.

Click here to learn more and to get your copy of (Product XYZ).

That’s a super simple call to action, but it illustrates how you can use words to get people to take action. You are directing readers to click on the link to learn more about your offer. It’s very specific.

The better you get at writing CTAs that convert well for your audience, the more click through you can generate from your email messages. That of course will lead to more sales overall and more profits for your business.


There you have it! This article is an introduction into profitable email marketing. This article is available for download. If you want the entire article download at this link.

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Bloggers are you actively growing your email list. This article shows exactly what you need to do to build a profitable email list. Bloggers can be successful with email marketing.
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